Audio Visual Systems Integration

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Integrating AV equipment into a single, connected system

For those unfamiliar with the term, AV integration is the act of connecting separate audio visual systems together in a smart way. This allows them to work together and be controlled from a single interface which inevitably makes everyone’s life easier.

At Digital Vision AV, it’s at the heart of we do on a daily basis. 

Due to manufacturers specialising in different areas, a variety of technologies are required to create a fully functioning AV system. This means that making sure each item of equipment communicates with each other can be a technical process requiring experience and expertise.

Audio visual systems integration adds operational efficiency by improving user experiences and making your AV equipment work together seamlessly.

Take the example of a video conference room – cameras, microphones, speakers, display screens, projectors, the software platform itself, and potentially lights and blinds, are all important aspects of a successful meeting. If selected correctly, it can all be integrated and controlled from a single interface, such as a control system, or even mobile phones and laptops. 

This is beneficial for several reasons:

  • Reduced equipment setup time
  • Reduced stress for presenters
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased engagement

For effective AV system integration, careful programming of each piece of audio visual equipment is required to create a bespoke solution. The result is the wide-ranging AV technologies needed for your organisation to function successfully can be unified to work together in a user-friendly manner.  

Increased Productivity

Increase productivity in presentations by reducing delays from setting up various meeting room systems


Integrate the specific AV systems your organisation needs to succeed

User Friendly

Control a variety of AV devices across your organisation with a single interface

Better Engagement

Remove barriers to engagement with AV systems which work seamlessly and efficiently

AV system integration for corporate, education and retail

Another example of where audio visual systems require integration is an organisation looking to add new equipment to an existing setup. Occasionally there is a particular piece of equipment in an AV system which is highly valued and must be retained. 

Yet some products require upgrading and new technology is greatly needed. Here, technical and skilful integration of old and new equipment is required.

We have extensive experience in this area so you can rest assured that a solution will always be found. 

Having solved AV challenges for businesses and organisations across the corporate, education and retail sectors for nearly 20 years, we can confidently call ourselves experts at AV system integration.

School AV projector screen installation in classroom setting

Unifying AV systems across an organisation

av integration of audio visual equipment in an office

Perhaps your company requires a mix of AV technology across multiple workspaces? Imagine this scenario; as well as a video conference room, a room booking system is needed. Then video walls are required for the reception area, digital signage installed around the building, as well as a smart audio system. 

This has potential for disparate equipment being installed which is not only a headache for users but also results in unsightly and inefficient cabling and installations. 

We can recommend, supply and install the best equipment which not only exceeds expectations for the individual tasks at hand, but which communicate with one another as part of a unified whole.

Audio visual systems integration from Digital Vision AV

Integration of your AV systems can be a gamechanger, enhancing collaboration by streamlining the way your hardware is used.

Audio visual technology is firmly embedded in our workspaces and should increase productivity, not do the opposite. So don’t hold back, give your organisation the tools it needs to grow and succeed. 

We’re always happy to make suggestions on the ideal AV system and how it can be effectively integrated. We even offer a free site survey and quote. So, if you’d like to discuss how your organisation can benefit from AV integration get in touch or simply call us on 01442 620078

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