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Complete AV Control

Command your meeting devices

Today’s sophisticated AV control systems give you complete command of your meeting room, effortlessly able to control temperature, audio volume, window blinds and more at the touch of a button. There’s no need for a mouse, keyboard or trailing cables as all your meeting room systems can be managed speedily through a single device. 

There are a range of fantastic AV control system products available which Digital Vision AV supply and install to revolutionise your video conferences and workplace. So, get in touch to discuss your ideal setup.

corporate av equipment for video conference

What are the benefits of an AV control system?


Audio Visual Programming

Program your devices with a control system

Innovative products allow spaces to be programmed for room usage or business hours, creating optimal in-room experiences for attendees.    

Digital Vision AV provides solutions from simple huddle rooms, allowing control of display and volume settings, to large conference rooms where multiple IP-based devices can be controlled through a single interface.  

Automation saves valuable time for your organisation that would otherwise be spent setting up rooms. Removing unnecessary distractions makes meetings more productive, leading to increased profitability.

Our technical consultants have numerous accreditations to program control systems from CrestronExtron and AMX and more, so each solution can be customised to perfectly suit your needs. No matter the complexity, we ensure your system is programmed in a way which allows you to work more effectively, as well as offering ongoing maintenance.

We understand that a good user experience is crucial so we can also design bespoke user interfaces to simplify even the most complex control system. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities for your business.


Increase productivity and collaboration by reducing delays caused by setting up a meeting room


Create and configure each room for the optimum experience at the push of a button


Control all of your AV devices with a single interface


On premises solutions mean data is only transmitted through your organisation, providing added security

Simple User Interface

All AV devices brought together seamlessly

Through a single platform, rooms can be created and configured with custom settings, then applied individually, or to multiple rooms. The meeting organiser can connect to AV devices through the password-protected control system and instantly configure the room. 

Software and hardware controllers work with easy-to-use touch panel interfaces and button panel options to provide flexible, secure solutions. 

av-control-system-in-office-conference room
Meeting room av control system

Control System Cabling?

Cable-free integration into your network

The revolutionary AV control systems Digital Vision AV provides allow uncompressed audio and video to be transmitted through standard 1Gbps networks for the highest quality video conferencing experience.

So, your digital displays, microphones and speakers can be integrated into your existing infrastructure without any loss of quality, or any additional cabling.

Find out more about AV Control Systems

The technology has been evolving for some time, in fact AV control systems began in the 1970s. This means the vast range of equipment available today contains some fantastic innovations which you can benefit from. The result is improved productivity because meetings, and your organisation as a whole, runs more efficiently.

Digital Vision AV can help you make the right choice for your organisation by making specific and informed recommendations based on your requirements and usage, so contact us today or simply give us a call on 01442 620078.

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