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Complete control of your assets

Today’s sophisticated AV control systems give you complete command of your meeting room, effortlessly able to control air-conditioning, audio volume, window blinds and more at the touch of a button. There’s no need for a mouse, keyboard or trailing cables as all your meeting room systems can be managed speedily through a single device.

This saves valuable time at the start of a meeting that would otherwise have to be spent setting up and removes unnecessary distractions to make meetings more productive. The meeting organiser can connect through the password-protected control system, allowing costly equipment to be locked safely away.

Equipment and innovation

AV control system technology has been evolving for some time, in fact since the 1970s. This means the equipment available today contains some fantastic innovations which you can benefit from. 

However, there’s a balance to strike when it comes to choosing hardware, it needs to be versatile enough to cover your requirements while still remaining user friendly. Digital Vision AV can help you make that choice by making specific and informed recommendations suited to your organisation’s needs.

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To find more about av control systems read our article covering many aspects of the subject including how they can enhance your business. 

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