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Boost productivity with wireless presentation systems

One of the best features of wireless presentation systems is being able ditch cables which allows meeting delegates to share content wirelessly to the room’s display from their laptop, or mobile device without fuss. 

The innovative Barco Clickshare CX-30 allows the presenter to share content to the room’s display and connect to an audio device and camera, straight from a laptop. No cables, no hassle, just click the button or tap the screen on the mobile app and start presenting! 

With the worldwide market predicted to grow by annual compound growth rate of 7.62% over the next few years, wireless presentation systems are becoming a powerful and widely used tool in the workplace. 

Digital Vision AV supply and install a fantastic range of wireless presentation systems to suit your business, so contact us for a free quote.

Barco Clickshare CX-30 wireless video conference solution

Wireless presentation system features

One-click, trouble-free presentations

One-click wireless presentation systems now do more than just eliminate cabling, with wireless content sharing being made easier than ever without the need for a router or installing extra apps or software. 

Complementing the Yealink video conference system, simply plug in WPP30 to your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computer via USB-C, click the button and start sharing wirelessly in up to 4K/30FPS UHD.

With support for up to 4 streams presented simultaneously on screen, interoperability with touchscreen displays, and real-time annotation with a digital conference whiteboard, your meetings will reach a new level of efficiency.


Wireless presentation devices


A wireless microphone can form part of your wireless presentation system setup, further increasing efficiency and removing yet more cables.

As well as perfectly capturing voices in medium and large meeting spaces, the Yealink VCM36-W allows users to freely place the device where needed. The microphone only needs to be paired to the meeting room device once and can be set up according to specific scenarios.

The fantastic flexibility afforded by wireless presentation technology will be a breath of fresh air, providing the physical and mental space needed for a truly collaborative presentation. 

How to choose your ideal wireless presentation system

Increasingly popular, wireless-enabled devices not only result in smoother, more productive meetings, but also act as a backup for wired devices in the event of lost or faulty cables. But there is a mind-boggling array of options, so how do you decide which solution is best for you?

We typically recommend cost−effective solutions that allow simultaneous wired and wireless presentation and collaboration without any additional hardware. Participants can stream full uninterrupted HD video, images and documents, or share any size file using any laptop or mobile device. 

Just tell us your requirements and we’ll recommend the best wireless presentation kit to meet your specific needs – no strings attached.

Corporate AV presentation with wireless mic and screen

Wireless presentation systems which foster collaboration


Wireless presentation encourages attendees to collaborate and share ideas without worrying about cables or adaptors. It also avoids the need to email documents due to be discussed before or during meetings.

Whether the meeting is in-room or remote, a wireless presentation system can turn a disengaged audience into a collaborative experience. From office meeting rooms to educational settings, wireless presentation has become a crucial element in today’s workplaces. 

But as well as increasing productivity and reducing stress, wireless presentation systems are yet another tool you can implement to enhance the professional and effective appearance of your brand. 

Innovative wireless presentation system features

Simply bring your own device to a meeting and present content wirelessly to the room’s display screen to boost collaboration and productivity. 

Many systems have a whiteboard feature that lets attendees annotate diagrams, sketch out ideas or edit shared documents on the main display from your device with up to four user screens shown at once. This can be taken one step further by incorporating a touchscreen display so the presentation can be controlled directly from the screen.

Top of the range systems are able to output high resolution 1080p images so that even small text can be read clearly. Not only this, HD video can be played smoothly without lagging, which is great for your audience.

Intuitive and easy to use, the best wireless presentation systems are designed with your security in mind, with support for Windows laptops and Apple Macs, as well as iOS, Windows and Android mobile operating systems, so contact us today to find out more.

Support BYOD with wireless presentation systems

Commercial AV System used for visual collaboration in hybrid meeting in conference room

Recently the concept of BYOD (bring your own device) has gained popularity, relevance and importance. Many participants love the idea of presenting wirelessly using their own tablet, smartphone, or laptop. 

Not only does it reduce unnecessary contact points, it also means you can use the device you’re familiar with, which is one less thing to worry about when delivering that all important pitch.  

Once the system has been installed and configured it’s easy for everyone to use. This leaves your IT personnel free to concentrate on other more important tasks, rather than helping to set meetings up. To find out more and get a free quote, contact Digital Vision AV today.

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