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What is Dante?

Manage multiple AV signals with Dante

Dante replaces the multitude of different cables required for all of the AV equipment which makes up an AV system with a single connection type. Using standard ethernet networks, uncompressed audio and video can be transmitted on the same network as your existing data.

So, when it comes to managing your meeting rooms, classrooms, or retail spaces, Dante makes it simpler, quicker and more cost effective. 

Dante Features

Less wiring, more flexibility

Manage your AV signals using software

A conference room can have many devices used for video conferencing, such as screens, cameras, speakers and microphones which results in a lot of disparate wiring. 

Rather than using complex analogue connections, AV equipment is connected using standard ethernet cables and managed using software. So, adding a new device is like adding a printer to the network. 

Digital Vision AV is an experienced audio visual installer with a wealth of technical knowhow on the improvements Dante can make to your business. So, contact us to learn more about its fantastic possibilities.

Future proofed AV over IP

Dante advanced management capabilities

Dante enabled audio devices feature dedicated hardware modules, chips and software which allow Dante to be implemented into a network. The Dante AV module brings the same functionality to video signals. 

Dante is a flexible audio and video over IP solution allowing fast, scalable management of audio visual equipment across multiple rooms. Audio and video data is optimised to run alongside standard network traffic meaning your AV system can be managed by your IT department. 

As well as this, the Dante Domain Manager allows for centralised management of a multi room AV setup and ensures that data is secure between systems in different rooms. 

Dante applications

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