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Digital Vision AV are video conferencing installation specialists with nearly 20 years experience helping businesses design their perfect system. 

If your company’s staff work from different offices or have the option to work from home, video conferencing is a time-efficient, cost-effective way to hold one-to-one or team meetings. Video conferencing comes into its own when you have an important issue to discuss but it’s not viable to gather employees from several locations to physically sit around a table. It’s come into greater focus with many adopting a hybrid approach to working. 

Unlike consumer equivalents, today’s slick video conferencing systems offer the high quality video and audio that business professionals expect, along with substantial savings in staff travel time and expenses. We design, supply and install the best video conferencing systems which integrate the various software and hardware elements with the devices your business uses daily including mobile phones, laptops and conference systems.

If you need professional video conferencing for your office, this is where we come in. It’s our area of expertise and we always recommend the best solution for you – whatever your platform, whatever your requirements. Is now the time to update your meeting room AV setup? If so, get in touch.

Video conferencing installation options

There’s a huge amount of video conferencing technology and equipment to choose from, and we can help you decide which installation is the best for your business. From small huddle rooms to large meeting spaces. From rooms installed from scratch, or existing spaces updated. We work with you and make recommendations to guide you through the process.

The type of installation required will depend on a number of factors, such as:

  • Room size
  • Number of attendees
  • Software platform
  • Microphone / camera / telephone 
  • Control system
  • Budget

Small meeting rooms

Small meeting rooms, such as a huddle room, can be used for video conferencing. 

These meeting rooms are becoming increasingly popular due to the need for spontaneous meetings between those in the office and those working from home. A hybrid approach to working could mean what was previously just a room with table and chairs, now requires video conferencing facilities to be installed.

The type of equipment will vary from that used within a larger conference room and could include a wide angle lens or directional microphones to ensure the full audio visual aspects of the space are picked up.

Whatever the room size or shape, we will advise the best solution for you.

corporate av equipment for video conference
Larger meeting rooms

Larger spaces, such as a boardroom or conference room, could already have video conferencing facilities installed but might not make the most of the space. These areas might be utilised for board meetings, new business pitches, all-hands calls, or sales meetings, so deserve high quality equipment and technology to create a professional look and feel.

Larger rooms often benefit from acoustic treatment as well as multiple screens and microphones to ensure the meeting is productive, flows smoothly, and doesn’t suffer from unnecessary disturbances.

We will always listen to your requirements and advise the best video conferencing solution when quoting and carrying out the installation.


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