School AV case study

Keeping the noise down in the classroom

School AV equipment for video conference with acoustic wallpaper

Digital Vision AV were contacted by one of the UK’s finest schools to help solve an AV challenge. With centuries of history and outstanding facilities, the school expected high standards which demanded a leading AV company with experience in the education sector.

The goal was to update a meeting space so it could be used as a classroom as well as hold group video conference calls for parents evenings and staff meetings.

On the surface this might sound like a fairly straightforward school AV project, but the room suffered from echo, making spoken words difficult to hear clearly. A combination of glass and solid brick walls, as well as a solid ceiling, meant sounds reflected from one hard surface to another.

The challenge

The school wanted up to date video conferencing technology built into a multi functional room. It was therefore vital the room had acceptable levels of reverberation.

Reverberation of sound waves in a conference room

The solution

Buzzi RT60 reverberation test

Our test returned a reading of 1.50s whereas the required reverb level should be 0.80s

BuzziSkin wallpaper

The large surface provides excellent absorption of mid to high frequencies

BuzziBlox acoustic panels (ceiling mounted)

Acoustic panels which absorb all frequencies of sound thanks to their thick foam layers

Aver PTC310H PTZ camera (for video conferencing)

The camera has a field view big enough to frame almost the whole room. It also has the added feature of movement tracking meaning it will automatically follow the presenter.

Nureva HDL300 Dual (for the speakers and mic array)

The microphone and speaker bars cover the whole room. So no lapel or tabletop mics are required. Each sound signal is optimised individually, reducing distracting ambient noise

The outcome

No wastage: Integrated with existing technology. Camera, speakers and mic array connect directly into an existing Clevertouch 86” display with built-in Windows PC

Better communication: The resulting final reverberation test gave a reading of 0.78 s, an ideal environment for holding conference calls

User friendly: Easy to use video conference solution that could support any video conference platform

High quality sound: The microphones can pick up audio clearly up to a distance of 9.1m x 15.2m. The speakers were strategically positioned to ensure high quality audio for all

Improved versatility: The room can now be used for many purposes, including a classroom and group video conference calls for parents evenings and staff meetings

It was important for a school with outstanding facilities to have a well functioning, multi-purpose room. As well as an easy-to-use multi-platform, video conference solution. One which delivered great audio and video quality in the room, and to the participants of the video call.

When the school made the decision to upgrade their AV setup, it was clear that echo was going to be a problem due to the dynamics of the room. So rather than invest in video conferencing technology which would have never reached its full potential, the school called upon the services of Digital Vision AV. 

Paul Mayhew, MD of Digital Vision AV has partnered with Buzzi.Space giving the ability to measure and control reverberation as part of an audio visual installation.

Innovative control of echo in meeting spaces
Digital Vision AV have nearly 20 years of experience, installing a range of school AV solutions in the education sector.

Partnering with Buzzi.Space means a range of industry-leading acoustic treatment products suitable for work spaces of any organisation, from offices to schools, can be offered.

As well as the ceiling mounted panels used in this case, there are many other reverb-reducing products. Each can be used to create a meeting room which is as inspirational as it is functional.
  • Pleated lighting pendants
  • Freestanding fabric-covered columns
  • Wall panels of varying geometric shapes
  • Blinds and curtains
  • Biophilic wall solutions (reindeer moss, anyone?)
If you’d like to find out more read our article on acoustics in the workplace.
Managing noise to
increase productivity

A comfortable working environment can play a significant role in performance and productivity.

Many studies have highlighted the importance of managing noise in places of work. Even low level noise can contribute to higher levels of stress and reduced motivation.

This issue comes into ever greater focus as organisations struggle to drive people back into offices and shared work spaces.

One source of noise which can be managed is echo, caused by sounds reflecting off hard surfaces such as concrete, brick, glass, wood and metal. The shape of the room can also be a factor.

By introducing objects which absorb and deflect sound you can bring reverberation down to acceptable levels.

Echo reduction is a game changer. Read more on the subject in our guide on how to reduce echo in conference rooms.

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