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Large format displays for demanding environments

Large format displays are extremely versatile, offering bright, high quality images for use in a variety of environments. Applications such as digital signage, meeting rooms and educational spaces benefit from superb displays with features like 4k UHD and touchscreen technology.

They are ideal for any industry requiring information to be displayed on a large screen, either portrait or landscape. Not only this, the content can be updated quickly and easily allowing your organisation to communicate up to date messaging or promotions.

Digital Vision AV are experts in supplying and installing professional large format displays for commercial applications. We work with you to fully understand your requirements and provide flexible and reliable systems. 

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digital signage in corporate setting

The perfect digital display for your organisation


Large format displays feature in retail and hospitality settings to show advertising and product information 24/7. In corporate spaces they’re a powerful tool for office team information and reception area messages. 

Large touchscreen displays make presentations more effective as well as engaging audiences by encouraging interaction. Size, specification and price vary considerably by product but we guide you through the bewildering array of options and recommend the ideal display for you.

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Some of the outstanding large format displays we install

Whatever the application, there is a solution for you

iiyama large format display

iiyama 4K UHD

All-in-one solutions with impressive features such as Signal FailOver, cloud-based content management and 4K UHD resolution with 24/7 operating time. Plus the Android OS allows app installation, and an OPS PC slot allows total flexibility, security and control.

Hisense large format display

Hisense 4k UHD

Reliable and flexible systems with a slim body design and vibrant colours. Innovative features include light sensors, intelligent temperature control, 24/7 operating time, and dual core SOC technology for PC-less offline or cloud-based content management.

samsung-large format-display

Samsung 4k UHD

Loaded with the Samsung Smart Signage Platform and built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the Dynamic Crystal Colour technology provides an incredibly rich picture in UHD 4K. Plus intelligent UHD upscaling increases lo-res content to UHD picture quality.

High quality displays which simplify your presentations

You know how it is. Eight guest presenters turn up to your conference, each with a different laptop needing its own special cable plugged in so they can deliver their presentation to a packed auditorium. You mentally groan at the thought of the faffing around as your speakers change over. Well, with a large format display system, able to accommodate many different types of cable, all that time-wasting is history. But that’s not all.

The bright, high quality images mean that, unlike images from a projector, you don’t need to turn off the lights (always a bonus when your audience needs the light on to make notes). The best systems on the market come with dual integrated speakers that enable you to combine vivid visuals with stereo sound for an immersive multimedia experience.

As well as that, some large format display systems also have touchscreen technology built in, which means your speakers can control their presentations simply by touching the screen without all that running to and from their laptops. 

So, if your business holds meetings varying between 10 and 50 people gathered around a table, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without a large format display system. 

Corporate AV presentation with wireless mic and screen

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