Collaboration Solutions

Enhance communication, inclusivity and productivity with innovative business collaboration solutions

Collaboration solutions from Digital Vision AV for smarter teamworking

How collaboration solutions optimise your workplace

Collaboration solutions are designed to enhance teamwork and communication among employees or across different departments. 

The best online collaboration apps allow groups to work together on the same document in real-time, regardless of their physical location. 

As hybrid working increases, collaboration solutions that naturally integrate with your evolving workforce provide a means to connect your employees, enhancing business flexibility and productivity.

Digital Vision AV helps businesses implement the best collaboration tools, from hardware solutions to collaboration software, creating a smarter way of working and strengthening employee engagement. Contact us today about our range of innovative collaboration solutions.


The value of enhanced collaboration

Exchange ideas and resolve issues quickly regardless of location

Work on the same document in real-time through video collaboration

Integrate business tools and allow information to flow seamlessly across applications

Encourage collaboration with intuitive BYOD and BYOM solutions

Collaborative Meeting Solutions

Video Conferencing

Improve collaboration by creating a more personal and engaging meeting experience.

Wireless Collaboration

Sharing screens wirelessly in real-time facilitates brainstorming and promotes BYOD & BYOM.

Collaboration Hardware

Encourage impromptu meetings and improve usage of workspaces with room booking systems.

Collaboration Software

Access information and collaborate with project management and whiteboard apps.

What businesses can achieve with collaboration

Increase business agility and flexibility

Improve efficiencies across employees and teams

Move away from silos to a smarter way of working

Improve employee engagement

Collaborative Technology Solutions

Barco Clickshare

Increase video conference engagement by sharing content wirelessly to the display screen and connect to the audio device and camera straight from your laptop.


World class unified communications systems including video conferencing endpoints, wireless presentation pods, control panels, VOIP phones, webcams, and software


Intelligent solutions for hybrid workspaces such as interactive floorplans which integrate with existing collaboration tools for a new collaborative way of working.

The Best Collaboration Tools For Your Business


Streamline teamwork with our recommendations in the best collaboration tools. Solutions like Microsoft Teams’ virtual whiteboard enable real-time co-creation, fostering brainstorming and visual communication.

Optimise your workflow with top collaboration apps like Google Workspace which integrate with room booking solutions, letting teams move effortlessly from booking rooms to accessing project info or scheduling meetings. 

Collab tools are getting smarter so let us find the perfect fit for your needs. We provide free and impartial advice and can install your solution at a time and date which suits you.

Collaborative Room Solutions

Conference Rooms

Improve conference room experience with a range of innovative equipment which will boost collaboration among your teams and clients.

Huddle Rooms

Huddle spaces serve to promote impromptu gatherings and help those working remotely to collaborate with their office colleagues.

Smart Meeting Spaces

Smarter meeting spaces will have a positive impact on innovation and engagement, allowing your business to flourish and be more productive.

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Visual collaboration meeting using whiteboard

Video Collaboration

Video collaboration allows teams to collaborate on an idea in real time online, from any location, using a digital canvas.


Collaboration Software

Understanding which video conferencing software is best depends on usage and how you intend to collaborate.


Room Booking

A meeting room booking display is a powerful tool for enabling collaboration and effectively using meeting spaces.


MS Teams Front Row

A new Microsoft Teams layout enables this collaboration tool to improve participation with virtual meetings which feel more natural.

boardroom av installation

What is a Zoom Room?

Zoom Rooms integrate software and hardware to promote seamless collaboration throughout the business.

Our hardware and software partners include:

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