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Video conferencing equipment for seamless collaboration in small spaces

Which video conference system is best for small offices?

When it comes to office video conferencing there is a vast range of innovative products from top brands to choose from, but how do you know which office video conferencing solution is best for you? There are some key considerations to take into account which will make sure your business gets the most out of your chosen video conferencing solution. 

All in one office solutions

Key features of all in one solutions are capabilities such as face detection, sound localisation, speaker tracking and a mobile app, which contribute to a great user experience.

For smaller office spaces an all-in-one plug and play audio-video device such as the portable Yealink UVC34 USB video bar is a great fit, featuring a wide-angle ultra HD 4K camera and 8 built in microphone arrays.


Wireless office equipment

Wireless presentation technology enables BYOD which facilitates office collaboration by making it quick and simple to connect to a video conference. 

Solutions from Barco such as the Clickshare CX-50 is one such solution capable of turning any small office area into a flexible, collaborative space.

Small Office Solutions

Small meeting rooms can be used for video conferencing. These meeting rooms are becoming increasingly popular due to the need for spontaneous meetings between those in the office and those working from home. A hybrid approach to working could mean what was previously just a room with table and chairs, now requires a video conferencing system to be installed.

The type of equipment will vary from that used within a larger conference room and could include a wide angle lens or directional microphones to ensure the full audio visual aspects of the space are picked up. Whatever the room size or shape, we will advise the best solution for you.


VC software platforms

Key considerations for choosing your ideal office video conferencing platform are features such as screen sharing, digital whiteboards and integration with email and calendar apps.

Microsoft Teams provides these as well as seamless integration with Office 365 enabling collaboration, backups and file searches. But for out and out ease of use, Zoom is a leading platform which makes it easy for beginners with no IT training to get up and running. 

To discuss more about which video conferencing solution is best for your office, get in touch with us today.

Why small office video conferencing matters

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