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Snowplow Analytics was founded in 2013 by two data enthusiasts with the aim of enabling companies to be able to drill deeper into their data. It utilises the power of AI and advanced analytics to create rich behavioural data, allowing companies to take control of their data in new ways compared with existing tools.

The company is based in London but the team works all over the world. With more than 130 employees it is a truly global company. 

Communication between team members based in multiple locations is achieved through video conferencing, so a high performance AV setup is paramount to ensure meetings run smoothly and efficiently. 

The challenge

To enable Snowplow Analytics to collaborate effectively and efficiently with its employees around the world. Two of its meeting rooms suffered from poor acoustics which caused frustration for those on both ends of the call. The echoing of voices was distracting and affecting the ability of participants to contribute.

Office noise causing stress to an employee in the workplace

The solution

Buzzi RT60 reverberation test

Our test returned a reading of 0.90s for the large meeting room whereas the required reverb level should be 0.60s. The smaller meeting room returned a reading of 0.80s whereas the required reverb level should be 0.50s.

BuzziBlox Hexa Acoustic Panels

These acoustic panels have different depths which absorb sound effectively due to their thick layers of foam. They are effective across all frequencies making them a fantastic addition to any meeting room. The result is that sound waves no longer reflect off the hard surfaces of the workspace. They also provide a decorative aspect to what could otherwise be a featureless space.

Acoustic ceiling baffles

Further sound absorption is provided by baffles which hang from the ceiling. Their positioning and relative distance to one another compliment the acoustic wall panels to control reverberation.

The outcome

Following installation of the acoustic panels the reverberation levels were within the recommended limits at 0.51s for the larger room and 0.49s for the smaller room.

Improved communication and collaboration as video conferencing is used to bring teams together across the globe. Meetings could run as efficiently as possible without distractions caused by reverberation of speech frequencies.

Paul Mayhew, MD of Digital Vision AV, has formed a proud partnership with  Buzzi.Space in order to help companies make the most of their meeting rooms by reducing echo.

Many such spaces have been created without acoustic treatment in mind, or have been converted into meeting rooms in the last few years due to the increase in video conferencing.

Digital Vision can install acoustic treatment for video conference rooms and other workspaces, making them more usable, as well as inspirational.

We offer a free site survey and quote so get in touch today and we can help give your meeting room the sound quality it deserves.

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