Eye-catching digital display attracts clients to ear care clinic

“Our new digital display is definitely more eye-catching than a static poster and I’d strongly recommend one to any business with street-facing premises. It doesn’t need any maintenance beyond changing the content from time to time.”

Warren Dean, Halo Hearing Solutions

Hearing care providers Halo Hearing Solutions recognised that its new Berkhamsted clinic presented the ideal opportunity to attract clients using another sense – that of sight – by installing state-of-the-art digital signage.

The clinic has a street-facing window on a road with steady through traffic. Halo’s directors recognised this presented a great opportunity to make passers-by aware of its hearing care services. They looked for a local audio-visual firm they could trust to make their idea a reality. Halo researched local providers and ultimately chose Hemel Hempstead-based Digital Vision AV.

The challenge

Ensuring the digital display can be read in all weathers, especially direct sunlight

The solution

AllSee 43” 700cd/m2 High Vibrance Android Advertising Display

The outcomes

Greater awareness of the clinic locally

Increased bookings over time

Ability to communicate targeted messages

digital signage

“I found Paul very helpful. He clearly had a lot of expertise and talked us through the pros and cons of the various products we could choose from. The whole process was completely pain-free and I’d have no hesitation recommending Digital Vision AV to other businesses.”

Warren Dean, Halo Hearing Solutions

A plan becomes reality

Having agreed on a digital sign as the way forward, Halo Hearing Solutions searched for a supplier they could trust. Halo likes to support local businesses where it can and, as luck would have it, Warren spotted an advertising campaign by well-established Hemel Hempstead-based AV experts Digital Vision AV (DVAV). He arranged to meet managing director Paul Mayhew on-site to discuss Halo’s requirements.

Paul recalls, “Being outward-facing, one of the challenges was ensuring that the display could be read by passers-by in bright sunshine (if we’re lucky enough to get some). The screen would also need to be resistant to temporary blackening caused by exposure to direct sunlight.” 

Type of digital window display

After considering the various products on the market, Paul recommended the AllSee 43” 700cd/m2 High Vibrance Android Advertising Display, a neat looking, narrow bezel display providing a high bright image with a built-in signage player designed to run 24/7. Video and image files can be easily uploaded via a USB stick to create a playlist with transitions. Content can be set to play automatically or scheduled to play at specified times on particular days.

The window’s size and the available space in it naturally led Paul to recommend a 43” display mounted via a ceiling pole mount. The content on the screen ideally needed to have some movement to attract the eye and then deliver a clear and to-the-point message in few words.

Digital Vision AV recommended that the display should be installed in a portrait, rather than landscape, orientation. The psychology behind this is that when humans view content in a portrait format, our perception is that it’s informational so we instinctively look at it.

About Halo Hearing Solutions

Halo Hearing Solutions is a family-run business founded in January 2017 by husband and wife Ray and Julia Mead. They opened their first clinic to provide hearing care for people living in the Hertfordshire town of Berkhamsted and the surrounding area. The business offers hearing assessments, hearing aids, ear wax removal and general ear care services.

Around one in six of us experience hearing loss at some stage, although the loss of this vital sense can be so gradual we may not realise at first. (As the actor Hal Linden once said, “I didn’t notice that I had a hearing problem. I just thought most people had given up speaking clearly.”)

There was such demand for Halo’s services that after three successful years, Ray and Julia expanded, opening a second clinic, this time in Bovingdon. Around the same time, Ray’s brother Warren joined the business to help with the day-to-day running and add to the already expanding team of hearing care specialists. Keeping it in the family, his daughter Elise is the Berkhamsted receptionist. In 2021, Halo added a third Hertfordshire clinic, in Rickmansworth, and is now looking for bigger premises.


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