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AV servicing process

Our AV service starts with the right foundations

We pride ourselves on providing solutions that are easy to use, expandable and installed to the highest standard. Digital Vision AV has the skills and expertise to provide you with a comprehensive range of AV servicing solutions. From changing a projector lamp, repairing equipment, running data cabling and providing full onsite support, to redesigning your AV system to meet today’s needs

Our service doesn’t end once we’ve worked with you to install the right AV solution for your needs and budget. In other words we’ll ensure that your system is properly configured and fully tested. We’ll also then train you and the key operators in how to use and troubleshoot the solution.

AV servicing and support

Expert AV support on tap

Having invested good money in your AV system, you want peace of mind that it will always work when you need it. After all, a disrupted training session or presentation is a missed opportunity and can present an unprofessional image. 

But if for any reason there is an unavoidable failure or fault, you need to know that the equipment will be up and running again quickly.

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AV equipment servicing

AV repairs and maintenance service

Get the most out of your new kit

Digital Vision AV offers a wide range of AV support services that include extended onsite warranty packs for individual hardware, return-to-base service and repairs through to full onsite audio visual maintenance contracts. 

These give you comprehensive cover that includes an eight-hour response time every day of the week, loan equipment and onsite preventative maintenance visits. We can fix many problems remotely for an even speedier service. What’s more, we will repair and maintain any facility and its AV equipment – even if you didn’t buy it through us originally.

Get the most out of your new kit

Training is a service that’s often overlooked. Having invested in the required hardware and software, organisations seem to assume that people will know intuitively how to use the solution. While this may be true when it comes to the basics, it’s a little-known fact that on average 70% of a device’s functionality remains unused! Given the cost of even the most basic set-up, that means a large proportion of your outlay is going to waste.

If you’d like to change that, get in touch or call us on 01442 620078 so we can help you get better value from your investment.

Specialist AV support
If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask!

We’ve given you a flavour of our AV servicing solutions here but there’s lots more we can do besides. For instance, have you ever wondered how those highly realistic digital reproductions of people or products appear in mid-air or standing on a stage, as if by magic? We won’t get too technical here, but this is a clever illusion created using a powerful front projection screen, a black background and carefully positioned lighting!

Another technical challenge we rose to was finding a way to save a school’s art department weeks of effort painting backdrops for a drama production by using projection instead. This was not as straightforward a task as it may appear as it involved finding a way to avoid cast members inadvertently casting shadows.

After much thought, we arrived at an ingenious solution to project the backdrop onto a sharply-angled mirror that reflected the image onto the back wall of the stage to great effect. The production was a hit, the cast received standing ovations and the art department preserved their sanity. Bravo!

So, our message is if you can’t see what you’re looking for, just get in touch and put us to the test.

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