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Public Address Systems

PA systems installed in your workplace

Digital Vision are PA system installation experts so if you need to upgrade or install a new public address system which not only provides great quality sound, but is easy to operate, we can help.

As a dedicated audio visual installer, we have decades of experience providing PA systems to corporate and educational organisations requiring flexible sound system solutions across their workspaces.


PA System Install Example

Zoning your space to suit your needs

One example could be a PA system installation in a gym where different sound is required in each zone of the building. As well as being able to play music or connect audio sources in specific rooms, PA announcements can be made to each area individually or simultaneously.

As well as this, warehouse PA systems improve communication with two way messaging and emergency notices, while boosting employee wellbeing with background music to counteract ambient noise.

Designed to be as effective as they are reliable, we only install PA systems from the top brands including Biamp, Toa, K-Array and Shure. Each renowned for their unique range of innovative and reliable PA system equipment ready to transform your workplace.

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Some of the outstanding PA systems we install

We install the ideal PA system for your environment, from gyms and shops, to offices and museums, plus many more 


Q-Sys CX-Q Amplifiers

Incredibly versatile and energy efficient, the CX-Q amplifier series features seamless drag-and-drop integration with the Q-SYS platform, providing rich status data and control. Their high performance and range of innovative features makes them ideal for a wide range of business music and sound applications.


Biamp Desono Speakers

Engineered for high speech intelligibility and full-range reproduction, they are ideal for business audio applications. From blending seamlessly into the background, to complementing a variety of room aesthetics, these are ideal for applications including background music, foreground music, paging, or a combination.

Shure Stem Table

Stem Table is a high-quality conferencing speakerphone that turns any environment into a professional conference room. Equipped with nine microphones that perform real beamforming plus an innovative downward-facing speaker for amplified performance, Table takes the quality of your meetings to the next level.

PA System Technology

Your ideal PA system solution

Choosing the right PA system is not easy which is why we guide you along the way, making practical recommendations for your organisation. 

From speakers and microphones, to mixing consoles and amplifiers, we help you choose the ideal PA system setup for your workplace.


Improved User Experience

PA systems which enhance your service

The type of installation will depend on your requirements so we provide a free site survey and quote to ensure we provide the optimum solution. In a retail setting, the right balance of background music can make for a more pleasant shopping experience, contributing to increased sales. While a sports centre requires a multi-zonal system with a wide frequency range for high-quality music and clear speech intelligibility.

The focus is on intelligibility of speech in a boardroom or auditorium because poor quality sound impedes hearing, reducing engagement. Wherever you need high quality audio, we can help, so contact us today.

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