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Cameras Which Make Conferences More Productive

A high quality camera is an essential tool for presenting in a conference room. By removing the frustration of blurry images and enhancing personal connections, your conference room experiences will feel more collaborative and productive.

Choosing a USB video camera which can provide sharp and crisp visuals to your remote attendees can have a big impact on productivity because effective visual collaboration depends on being able to see presentation details, as well as each other, clearly.

Innovative features such as face detection, speaker tracking and AI powered enhancements help to create a more professional and visually appealing conference room experience. These benefits contribute to more engaging, productive, and professional virtual and hybrid meetings.

As an experienced video conferencing installer, Digital Vision AV help you to decide which is the most suitable camera for your conference room, as well as installing it at a time which suits you.

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Small, Medium and Large Conference rooms

From small to large conference rooms and boardrooms, there is a perfect camera solution for your organisation


Yealink A20

Ideal for small conference rooms, the Yealink A20 is fast to deploy and integrates the webcam, microphone and speakers into an all-in-one system


Poly Studio

This medium and large conference room solution features AI technology to provide group and speaker framing, plus presenter tracking to make your connection more personal


Yealink UVC-84

Perfect for medium and large conference rooms, the UVC-84 delivers true to life communication. Features include 12x optical zoom and mechanical PTZ via remote control or Yealink camera control plug-in software


Camera Functionality

The image sensor is the heart of the camera, converting light into an electronic signal that represents the image being captured. The impressive statistics of today’s conference room cameras include 20mp lenses and 12x optical zoom. 

Solutions with a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) mechanism enable cameras to move horizontally (pan), vertically (tilt), and change magnification (zoom), usually controlled by a remote control or software application.

The video processing unit (VPU) processes the video signal from the image sensor, applying enhancements like noise reduction and automatic exposure adjustment. Some conference room cameras also incorporate microphones, providing a complete audio-visual solution.

Conference Camera Options

No matter your platform, sophisticated conference room webcams are available to boost the productivity of your conferences. So, whether you require a dedicated camera for your Zoom setup, a camera specifically developed for MS Teams, or a solution for Google Meet, we can help.  

To further optimise your camera setup, AV over IP options such as Dante AV enable video to be transmitted over a data network. 

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Conference room camera installation case studies

MS Teams & Yealink

We installed video conferencing solutions in 2 rooms to enhance hybrid meetings as well as support wireless collaboration


School AV

A meeting space needed an AV system upgrade so it could be used as
a classroom as well as an area to hold video conference calls

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