What Is The Best Digital Signage Solution In 2024?

Many organisations now favour a digital signage solution for their marketing communications owing to its flexibility and effectiveness at delivering information. The applications are incredibly varied allowing businesses to customise digital content with powerful, targeted messaging in ways not previously possible.

From wayfinding to dynamic promotions, there is a digital signage solution for almost every business case imaginable. For example, rather than waiting for new printed marketing materials to be manufactured, digital signage can utilise event-triggered content integrated with EPOS systems to deliver up to the minute promotions.


What to expect from digital signage in 2024

The digital signage market continues to grow so you can expect to see advertisers increasingly turning to digital screens to showcase promotions. As well as usage, the rate of innovation also continues to increase, with more engaging and immersive advertisements.

Immersive Experiences

Expect to see a higher prevalence of AR overlays which increase product interaction, as well as holographic ads to capture attention with captivating illusions.


As the expectation of customers being able to interact with displays rises, advertisers will adapt to provide more touchscreen displays with gesture recognition capabilities. 

Data Driven Context

QR codes may seem old hat to some, but advertisers are still finding a range of innovative ways of using them to engage customers and create a sense of urgency. For example, dynamic discount codes can be utilised by generating a unique code each time a QR code is scanned on a digital poster, encouraging customers to take immediate action. 

Not limited to the retail industry, museums can use QR codes to create engaging and interactive learning experiences by showing AR models when a code on an exhibit is scanned. 

Mobile Integration

Staying on the subject of museums, integrating mobile technology into wayfinding can improve the customer experience by using AR to overlay information about where to find certain exhibits or areas.   

Mobile integration will play a key role in shaping the future of digital signage advertising, such as gamified experiences which drive customer engagement.


As well as the advances in the way digital signage is used, the screens themselves are also evolving. Customers and employees will feel the benefit of improved visual displays with touchscreen technology to increase engagement.

Higher resolution such as 4k and 8k screens, better contrast ratios and wider viewing angles will all contribute to an improved customer experience. Even transparent displays are now being used to blend seamlessly with the environment showcasing products in a partially see-through screen.

As well as this 2024 will focus on sustainability and screens made with recyclable materials and those with lower energy consumption will be increasingly sought after.

How to choose your ideal digital signage solution

Digital Vision AV is an experienced digital signage installer with nearly 20 years experience supplying and installing audio visual systems to organisations across retail, corporate, education and more. We realise it can be difficult to navigate the seemingly endless digital signage solutions on offer, so in this article we’re going to share some of the best systems we install for our customers.

When looking at digital signage for your organisation you most likely require a solution which includes a content management system (CMS) so you can create, publish and distribute your content. As well as this, you’ll require a media player which allows you to deliver the content to your devices. Happily, the solutions covered in this article do just that, as well as some other fantastic features perfectly suited to organisations in particular sectors. 


The award-winning digital signage solution from SignageLive has a variety of options for startups, small business, global organisations and everything in between. It works by creating content using provided templates and a suite of free-to-use and subscription based content creation tools. 

Playlists can be created with time-sensitive content so you can customise how and when you target your customers. As well as this, you can deliver region-specific content using a tag manager to easily group regions. The layout builder can be customised to suit your needs, allowing you to position zones on your screen in a way which works for you. 

Publishing content is easy and also includes ways of automating your workflow so you can create a process optimised for your usage. Although a dedicated media player is not included, SignageLive supports many top quality players which an installer can supply as part of your digital signage solution.


  • 2 factor authentication, granular use permissions, an approval process and secure dashboards, all of which provide security when adding, publishing and analysing content
  • Secure Dashboards solution is ideal for corporate environments, securely displaying password-protected data dashboards from business intelligence platforms, like Microsoft Power B
  • Proactive monitoring system with proof of play reporting
  • Kiosk mode offers functionality for hospitality sector with touchscreen compatibility, allowing users to interrupt adverts with a single touch to open the menu display
  • Supports a wide variety of players such as Samsung Tizen, BrightSign, Chrome, LG Web OS, Windows and more, which gives flexibility over your choice of hardware

Our verdict

The plentiful features provided by SignageLive will excite many organisations across a range of sectors from retail and hospitality to corporate and education and is easy to see why it regularly receives excellent feedback from users and installers alike. Get in touch with us to the innovative features in more detail and how it can be tailored to your business.



Digital Signage Technology of the Year winner, BrightSign, provides an all-in-one digital signage solution which features both an operating system and a player for a wide variety of applications.

Downloadable free software includes a powerful authoring platform which allows you to easily create layouts and playlists from a broad range of content types and formats, including 8k video. Publishing content is simple using an intuitive calendar, plus there are options for local content management, as well as remote management of thousands of screens.


  • Power video walls from a single device
  • Automated content for flawless playback
  • Manage your player network in real time
  • Range of secure, scalable options from a basic setup to a complex digital signage network
  • Innovative solutions for interactive touchscreens, 3D, holographic, projection mapping, virtual and augmented reality
  • Performance analysis with real time and historical reporting
  • Can be customised with leading CMS software and popular peripherals
  • Add-ons available to power interactivity. Lighting and devices

Our verdict

Overall this is an innovative digital signage solution offering a number of exciting features which should get your imagination bubbling over with new ways to engage with your customers. Almost every conceivable commercial application is covered and is certain to take your communications to another level.



With this innovative digital signage solution, users can easily and quickly create content using the Tripleplay drag and drop 3Create Visual Editor. Create playlists and schedule content to play at specified times, including integration of live tv with video streams. Not only this, content can be integrated with EPOS systems so that event triggers can update single or multi screen content dynamically. Content is delivered to devices using either the Tripleplay PLAY3R-SP1 player or with one of the many supported 3rd party players and devices so you have a wide selection of choices.


  • Full reporting tools so you can see what was played when and on what end devices
  • Can be installed as a fully cloud-based solution; no server hardware required
  • If using a server, internet bandwidth usage is reduced by downloading content once to the server where it can then be served on the local area network to devices
  • Includes an app which allows uploading, viewing and sharing media content
  • Provision for a wide variety of digital corporate applications including meeting room signage options 
  • Solutions for almost any business wishing to go digital, such as integration with retail touchscreens, social media, beacons and RFID

Our verdict

Tripleplay is a feature-rich solution which aims to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with digital signage so it should cover all your digital messaging objectives for years to come. With many impressive features such as securely broadcasting corporate town hall meetings and sharing documents to company mobile devices, there aren’t many digital signage solutions with more on offer.  



DSA is a cost effective highly scalable solution when it comes to networking large numbers of diverse Android platforms. Users can deploy a DSA player appliance (connecting to any screen) or install the DSA player software on any Android device from phones and tablets to smart screens and Android Set Top Boxes.

DSA comprises a platform independent Content Management Service (CMS) hosted in the Cloud, plus a Player App. Content and playlists are created and published through an intuitive browser-based user interface which are uploaded to  the DSA cloud service. The dedicated DSA player, or one of the supported internet connected players, then downloads the content to play it. 


  • With its Android OS, the DSA standby player is designed to display digital content on Android phones and tablets. This means it can network diverse Android devices being displayed instore as demonstration products and play digital content when not in use
  • DSA Playlist Sync allows playlists on 2 or more players to be synchronised so that content remains precisely in step, creating a cost effective solution for 4K video wall arrays or digital menu boards. Each screen can then show separate media or create a multiscreen animation for a high impact presentation
  • Interactive kiosk support
  • Content management across a player network of any size

Our verdict

The simple user interface makes DSA a popular option by allowing users to get their digital content published across their network of devices quickly and easily. A cost effective digital signage solution for a wide variety of organisations, especially retail, hospitality and education.


Your choice of digital signage solution will depend on your industry, how you wish to engage with your audience, your budget, and the scale at which you need to deliver your content. But whichever solution you go for, the future of your customer messaging is certain to be an exciting one. Moreover, you will probably wonder how you ever managed without!

Working with a digital signage expert will help you make the right choice because setting off in the right direction first time could save time and money in the long run. So, when you are ready to go digital then get in touch with Digital Vision AV or simply call us on 01442 620078 today, we’re more than happy to discuss the options with you.

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