What Is A Zoom Room?

Hosting a video call on Zoom became the go to option for home users to stay connected with friends and family during the pandemic but the number of businesses using it for video conferencing also increased, with many seeing it as a viable alternative to Microsoft Teams and Google Meets.

The use of video conferencing is rising due to the widespread adoption of hybrid working, so many businesses are looking to implement a professional setup to ensure collaboration happens seamlessly throughout their organisation.

But while many have joined or hosted a Zoom meeting, less are familiar with the concept of a Zoom Room.

What Are Zoom Rooms?

The Zoom software platform is able to turn any device with a camera, such as a laptop, smartphone or tablet, into a virtual meeting space, which is compelling in itself. A Zoom Room is a video conferencing solution which aims to combine the Zoom platform with enterprise-grade audio visual equipment to provide powerful and user friendly collaboration.

Zoom Rooms are aimed at businesses, by integrating the software with dedicated wireless hardware, whereas another option, Zoom Meetings, is essentially just the software platform aimed at individual users.

Another major distinction between Zoom Rooms and Zoom Meetings is that it allows multiple users of the same room to quickly host or join a meeting at the touch of a button. Moreover, it ensures all rooms within an office have the same overall setup which provides employees with a sense of continuity and familiarity.

Digital Vision AV is an experienced video conferencing installer providing businesses with cutting edge solutions for decades. We offer a free quote so if your organisation is considering installing Zoom hardware then contact us to discuss your ideal setup.

Zoom room hardware components required to set up Zoom for your business

How Does A Zoom Room Work?

A Zoom Room licence is required for the best experience, providing useful additions to standard meetings, such as increased meeting time and participants, as well as other benefits including the ability to record and save meetings to the cloud.

Zoom Rooms feature integrated hardware designed to make joining and hosting a meeting as straightforward as possible, with group collaboration being a major consideration. Valuable time is no longer wasted connecting your laptop and logging into software, as meetings are started via the room’s touchscreen display, dedicated control system or tablet.

These devices can be used to organise meetings, as well as most calendar apps which can be integrated with your Zoom Room. A room booking system placed outside the meeting room can also be incorporated into the setup, which provides further user experience improvements.

A Zoom Room contains all the hardware you need to get virtual meetings up and running, featuring high quality audio and video devices. Zoom has developed dedicated hardware solutions which are both easy to install and use, simplifying the buying process for organisations. There are, however, many 3rd party video conferencing solutions which are built with Zoom in mind, such as this Yealink RoomPanel room booking display, so your options are far from limited.


Why is a Zoom Room Useful?

Zoom Room users will enjoy the kind of impressive features they have come to expect from cutting edge business video conferencing technology. Benefits of installing a Zoom Room include:

  • Easy content sharing – easily present your screen or share content with attendees
  • Remote support – allow someone to take control of your screen
  • Breakout rooms – great for smaller groups who need to focus on a specific subject away from the main attendees
  • Immersive view – places all attendees together on a virtual background
  • Record function – can be used to create digital content for your organisation
  • Reduced travel costs – virtual meetings offer cost savings due lower staff travel requirements
  • Reduced operating costs – seamless hybrid working enables hotdesking which means less office space is required
  • Time savings – less time spent travelling to meetings means increased productivity
  • Improved collaboration – Seamless communication between remote and onsite employees using powerful visual aids
  • Reduced environmental impact – less travel means your organisation is doing its bit for the environment


What Size Meeting Room Do I Need?

There are Zoom Room solutions for all room types and sizes, but the equipment required for a video conference to be effective in each space varies accordingly.

For example, a focus or huddle room may benefit from a single display with integral sound bar and camera to facilitate spontaneous collaboration with its quick meeting hosting and joining capabilities. While a large conference room would benefit from multiple cameras and microphones to ensure all attendees can hear, and be heard, clearly.

Further to this, acoustic treatment may be necessary to get the most out of your Zoom Room experience. The best Zoom Room hardware will struggle to provide an effective meeting space if reverberation levels are too high. Here at Digital Vision AV we reduce conference room echo by installing office acoustic panels to provide clear audio for in-person and remote attendees, so get in touch today to find out more.

There are many sizes of display to choose from, with a variety of great features such as interactive touchscreens which allow the use of online whiteboards. Each office meeting space has different requirements so should be appraised individually.


How Do I Install A Zoom Room?

Zoom have done a fantastic job at simplifying the buying and installation process for businesses but using a professional AV installer will always provide the best results. So, if all this choice sounds a bit daunting, just get in touch with us to discuss the ideal setup for your business and we will happily talk you through the options.

Digital Vision AV has been installing business video conferencing systems for nearly 20 years so have all the experience and knowledge required to ensure your Zoom Room works for you.

Get in touch with us today or simply call us on 01442 620078, we’re always up for a friendly chat!

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