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What is a Hybrid Meeting?

The term has quickly become a hit in the modern workplace but have you found yourself wondering exactly what a hybrid meeting is?

A hybrid meeting is an event which brings together both face to face and online participants using a platform such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Content is shared on screen between those in the room and those joining remotely. Communication is enabled by audio visual components including microphones, speakers and cameras. Collaboration is enhanced with tools such as a digital whiteboard or interactive touch screen.

Where did hybrid meetings come from?

The emergence of hybrid meetings was natural considering the constant improvements in AV technology. As well as this, video conferencing is increasing, as is the need for organisations to collaborate across long distances. 

Furthermore, the pandemic was a huge factor in bringing about significant, lasting changes to the way we work and meet. It accelerated the adoption of online meetings meaning organisations and employees had to quickly adapt to a new style of hybrid working. Nowadays it’s hard to imagine a world where meetings only happen face to face or via telephone. Such has become the ubiquity of virtual meetings and working remotely.

Despite this sudden rise to fame it looks like hybrid meetings are here to stay because 85% of adults home working in 2021 wanted to use a hybrid approach of office and home working in future. However, they also reported that collaboration was a challenge when working from home. This highlights a key problem facing businesses all over the world. What can be done to ensure that remote and in-house employees are equally engaged and empowered?


Hybrid working strategies

Clearly the landscape has changed for good. The aim of organisations should now be to ensure hybrid meetings are as effective as those happening face to face. In order for the workplace to be truly flexible, the ability to remotely collaborate and share information needs to be in-keeping with how it would traditionally take place.

The length of time spent by employees working at home up to now means that retention of employees may well depend on a sensible balance between remote and office working. Therefore it is time for businesses to devise an effective hybrid working strategy. It should be one of their main focuses, ensuring that productivity and employee satisfaction is maximised. 

This then begs the question: What do organisations need to focus on to ensure the workplace is set up effectively for hybrid meetings?

Meeting room av focus room

How can businesses prepare for hybrid meetings?

Offices are now seen as places of collaboration so employees expect them to be set up as such. For employee wellbeing and productivity as a whole, the working environment should reflect the modern focus of hybrid meetings. The end goal being for all meetings to be inclusive and stress-free, no matter where people are working.

Here is a list of technology and equipment organisations should consider when preparing their sites for good quality hybrid meetings:

Meeting room setup


  • Platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom can be easily operated by staff without the need for IT to get involved.


Wireless presentation

  • Enable BYOD and BYOM with products such as Barco Clickshare. It allows easy sharing of information with a single click using your own device. So no more unplugging and plugging in various pieces of hardware.

Visual collaboration

  • Virtual whiteboards can enhance the quality of collaboration, making it easy for all attendees to engage with shared content.

Acoustic treatment

  • A high level of reverberation in a meeting room can make it difficult for in-house and remote attendees to hear spoken words clearly, impeding their ability to engage and collaborate. Acoustic products can also help to revamp a meeting space to make it more inspiring.

Office environment


  • Make the office inviting to promote employee satisfaction and wellbeing when returning to the workplace.


  • Create spaces to collaborate. Permanent desks are becoming less common and the focus is now on breakout areas for informal or spontaneous group discussions.

av-installation-of-video-conferencing-equipment-for-hybrid meeting-huddle-room-setup

Are you ready to go hybrid?

It’s important to remember that many employees are still making their way back into the workplace for the first time. With so many preferring to work from home than commute to the office, companies need to also consider how often they ask workers to come in. It is up to businesses to establish genuine reasons for coming into the office, not just because “it’s a Tuesday”. Otherwise it could create resentment among the workforce.

Is your organisation set up for good quality hybrid meetings? If you have any doubts why not get in touch by email or simply give us a call? We’ll be happy to discuss how we can ensure your business is ready to go hybrid.

What are the benefits of a hybrid meeting?

Many areas will benefit from hybrid meetings over face to face meetings. However, these benefits will only become a reality if the right equipment and collaborative workspaces are in place.


  • Organisations with offices in multiple locations across a country, or even globally, can enjoy true collaboration without having to spend time travelling large distances.


  • Less travel means a reduced carbon footprint and a more eco-friendly company.


  • Expensive travel fares can be significantly reduced by holding hybrid meetings instead of physically gathering everyone together in one place.

Social distancing

  • If numbers need to be kept to a certain level in the office, some employees can join the meeting remotely.

Complete hybrid meeting solutions

Digital Vision offers a complete business solution enabling you to increase productivity even when people are working in different places. Not only do we supply the equipment needed for good quality hybrid meetings, we will install it promptly and professionally. 

There is a vast range of AV technology available for hybrid meetings so we provide practical advice every step of the way. This is why we make custom recommendations to suit your organisation. We offer a free site survey and quote so get in touch to find out how we can help you prepare for the new normal of hybrid working.

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