Top 4 Meeting Room Booking Displays For Collaboration

A meeting room booking display is a powerful tool for enabling collaboration and effectively using meeting spaces. A variety of organisations will benefit, whether large or small, even if you only have one meeting room. So, investing in a room booking display will soon pay for itself, adding value by ensuring your valuable real estate is put to good use. 

Recently offices have become more focussed on collaboration and sharing ideas than simply being the place you go to work. With an increase in hybrid meetings and hot desking it’s crucial that an organisation uses its spaces efficiently, bearing in mind the 4 hours a week we spend in meetings on average. 

So, if offices are going to be for collaboration, businesses need to facilitate this with a solution which allows meeting rooms to be booked easily and used effectively. Therefore enabling impromptu moments of group creativity without barriers, as well as increasing productivity.

Here at Digital Vision AV, we supply and install a range of meeting room booking displays for businesses looking to make the most of their meeting spaces so we thought it would be helpful to show our top 4 solutions. If you’d like to know more about how you can boost collaboration plus manage your hybrid spaces better, contact us or simply give us a call on 01442 620078.

conference room scheduling display on glass wall of meeting room

What Can a Meeting Room Booking Display Do?

You might be surprised at the range of features available on a meeting room booking display. New features are being added all the time, but here is a list of some of the fantastic ways they can add value to your organisation:

  • Easily extend booking time
  • Facilitate spontaneous meetings, maximising collaboration
  • Provide insights into room usage and occupancy data, allowing workspaces to be optimised
  • Stops rooms going to waste (by requiring attendees to check in, or automatic detection)
  • Wireless displays which easily connect to WIFI
  • No more interrupted meetings
  • Huge time savings
  • Desk management add ons
  • Sync with your existing room booking software solution
So, those small digital screens outside meeting rooms you might have seen before are actually incredibly powerful. But there are many options to choose from so we’ve created a shortlist for you before you invest. 

So, without further ado, here are our top 4 meeting room booking display systems which will add value to your organisation.

Roomz Workplace Management Solutions


Roomz is our go-to meeting room booking display solution, with products suitable for many organisations, including corporate and education. Its simple and clear design is easy to operate and integrates with existing booking systems, such as Office 365, Google Calendar and Lotus software. It firmly attaches to a variety of surfaces using a metal support, making it easy to install, as well as use. 

Not only this, MyRoomz provides a platform to import your floorplan and manage room, desk and huddle spaces from a laptop or mobile device. Imagine being able to optimise your desk space usage, as well as meeting rooms? It offers a huge amount of flexibility and control, providing a level of efficiency not previously possible. 


Even better, room sensors can be incorporated which allow the automatic release of a room if the booked meeting does not take place, putting an end to unused meeting rooms. Workspaces can also be managed using desk sensors, providing valuable occupancy data and allowing internal processes, as well as employee satisfaction, to be improved. 

The power efficient system makes it easy to maintain and when combined with Roomz Viewer Flightboard digital signage, allows you to see a snapshot of how meeting spaces are being used right now. These intelligent office solutions allow organisations to efficiently manage an entire office space which is why they are at the top of our list.

Zoom Room Booking Displays


Zoom rose to fame during the Coronavirus pandemic, providing the masses with an accessible platform to keep in touch with loved ones. But it also connected remote office workers with colleagues, heralding the way for Zoom Rooms. This room booking solution is provided as part of a Zoom Rooms license and is generally delivered via in iPad.

With features such as the ability to see how many people are in a given room, whether a meeting is taking place and when the next meetings are, it’s easy to see why Zoom Rooms have become so widely used by businesses around the world. Not only this, a well designed user interface which includes the ability to quickly reserve a room, means that Zoom room booking displays will help your organisations to maximise collaboration and share ideas. 

Yealink RoomPanel for Zoom Rooms


Compatible with Zoom Rooms is this excellent RoomPanel meeting room booking display from Yealink. It is an intelligent room scheduling solution which puts spontaneity at the forefront of its design with a one tap system for reserving meeting spaces. 

An 8 inch multi point touch screen with anti fingerprint coating means it will always look great outside your meeting spaces. Plus, it mounts to almost any surface, even at an angle if required. Key meeting information is displayed allowing you to see room status at a glance, facilitated by a coloured LED bar which indicates room availability. 

Administrators and IT support will thank you when a batch of meeting room displays are installed because each product can be managed, monitored and diagnosed using the Microsoft Teams Admin Centre or Yealink Management Cloud Service. 

Evoko Room Booking Manager


Evoko have both cloud and self hosted room booking solutions in a beautiful award winning design. It features an intuitive lighting system with three status colours so you can easily see room availability from a distance. The bright and vivid display operates a distance-based user interface which provides a new layer of information as you approach the screen.  

Collaboration is boosted by the ability to quickly book rooms directly on the screen including those in other areas of the building. Not only this, integrating with Outlook enables rooms to be booked based on room capacity or equipment, not to mention the all-important catering options!

Compatible with Microsoft, Google and Lotus platforms as well as Evoko’s own platform, it can manage room bookings, and desk bookings with ease. Furthermore, a visitor management system helps to provide a smooth welcome at reception and notify the host of their arrival.


Inefficient use of meeting rooms wastes time, drives up costs and contributes to employee dissatisfaction which is why so many businesses are beginning to make use of a meeting room booking display. Manual bookings and unprofessional use of collaboration spaces will hinder the efficiency of an organisation at a time when profitability is under great scrutiny.

With so many fantastic options on offer it’s never been easier to welcome one of these powerful tools into your organisation. Plus, the positive impact it will bring to your entire workforce makes it an easy investment to justify.

So, if you’re ready to modernise your workplace with a meeting room booking display, get in touch with us or simply call us on 01442 620078. We only supply and install room booking solutions which suit your organisation, ensuring they integrate with your existing infrastructure. Feel free to give us a call to have a chat, we’re always happy to help.

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