Get school messages across

Whether you’re looking for a PA system for sports day, for instruction in PE lessons, a stage show, prize-giving ceremony or simply to maintain order in the dinner hall, Digital Vision AV can help you get the right system at the right price. Functionality is an important consideration but one of the most fundamental requirements of a school PA system is that it should be easy to use by non-technical staff.

Your school sound system will be used for assemblies, school productions and to address prospective parents viewing the school for the first time so clear, intelligible speech and rich sound quality is vital to support video presentations. It will undoubtedly also be used for paging individuals, making emergency announcements or to signal class changes. So a well thought-out sound system may consist of a central audio system in the school hall, together with loudspeakers strategically located throughout classrooms and corridors.

In classrooms, we often recommend installing a good sound field amplification system. This helps ensure an even spread of sound around a room and boosts the teacher’s voice so it can be heard above any background noise. This is beneficial for all students but particularly those with hearing impairments as they can hear the teacher’s voice clearly from wherever they are seated, even if the teacher is facing away from them.

A portable sound system is ideal for addressing groups of students in learning resource areas or for sporting events as it can be moved easily from one location to another and be locked safely away when not in use.

Looking beyond school to further and higher education, a lecture theatre in a college or university may need amplification with local control that includes high quality microphones and powerful speakers. This would typically be integrated into the campus paging system.

Designing an effective sound system can be complex and requires specialist knowledge. One size does not fit all. Digital Vision AV will listen carefully to your requirements and recommend a solution that meets your unique needs. Contact us to find out more.