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Education AV projection screen installation for seminar room

Projectors in education

Projectors have been used in schools for generations, providing an accessible and efficient way of presenting information to an audience. Audio visual equipment in education has become a necessary tool to enhance learning but the list of options is vast and continues to grow rapidly.

Here at Digital Vision AV we have nearly 20 years of experience installing innovative and robust audio visual systems for education settings, as well as many other sectors. Using the knowledge gained we will recommend the right projector based on your requirements and budget.

We then install it at a time which suits you, plus provide on-site training to make sure the equipment is used to its full potential. As well as this we offer maintenance and support packages for complete peace of mind.

Classroom projectors

A modern alternative to the traditional blackboard, projectors in schools have come a long way since the introduction of the overhead projector (OHP) in the 1960s. But today, the idea is the same; project an enlarged image onto a screen or wall so it can be viewed by an audience.

Technology in schools is always developing because of the importance of ensuring teaching methods reflect experiences outside of the classroom. The use of video conferencing equipment enabled remote learning during the pandemic (which often requires acoustic treatment to reduce echo). Interactive touchscreens are also beginning to replace whiteboards while digital signage and video walls have also been used as educational tools.

But projectors will always have their place due to their flexibility and affordability. Advancements in their capability, such as interactive projection, help to maintain their position as an innovative audio visual tool. The many different types of projector available mean the ideal teaching solution for a school can always be found.

Traditional learning technique

School projector installer

When it comes to choosing the right projector for your education setting, it can quickly become apparent that the number of options is bewildering. Which is why many schools turn to us to help guide them in their decision. 

We are experts in our field and ensure the installation is carried out safely and neatly. We offer a free quote and site survey, and will make the whole process quick, simple and jargon-free. 

So, get in touch today and we can begin the journey of installing the latest projector technology to transform the learning experience for your students.

It’s no exaggeration to say video conferencing and other technology solutions have enabled us to keep the business going and functioning effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Peter Thorne, Head of Technology, Smart Energy GB

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    "It’s no exaggeration to say video conferencing and other technology solutions have enabled us to keep the business going and functioning effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic."
    Peter Thorne, Head of Technology, Smart Energy GB