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Is It Time For An AV Refresh?

AV technology has been advancing at an impressive rate in recent years and what was once the preserve of the wealthiest corporate multinationals, is now a regular feature of offices, schools, healthcare, retail and hospitality sectors. It is therefore necessary to regularly refresh outdated AV systems to avoid being left behind, as competitors embrace new audio visual innovations.

But even the most advanced commercial AV solutions are eventually surpassed by newer, more innovative systems offering new functionality. So, it pays to include an AV refresh in your maintenance plan, because it could give you the edge over your competitors. After all, AV technology is an essential tool for an organisation to function effectively and ultimately, succeed.


What is an AV refresh?

An AV refresh is the process of ensuring your audio visual infrastructure is effective by assessing your equipment and replacing any systems which would benefit from being updated. 

With an AV refresh strategy as part of your maintenance plan you can look to integrate new audio visual solutions with your existing equipment, which helps stay ahead of the curve.

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How do you know when it’s time for an AV refresh?

There are some tell-tale signs of an AV refresh being necessary, some more obvious than others. Let’s take a look at the top 4 things to look out for so you can maintain a happy workforce and a healthy bottom line.

1: Failing equipment

At its most basic level, if your AV equipment is failing then it’s fairly obvious a refresh is in order. Clearly, it helps to act before a breakdown occurs but this isn’t always possible, so it pays to be prepared. This will make resolving the issue far easier because let’s not forget the old adage; prevention is better than cure. 

So, rather than simply waiting for your hardware to malfunction, regularly evaluating cutting edge AV solutions means new technology can be brought in without having to down tools unexpectedly.

2: Poor audio / video quality

Have you noticed that your audio and / or video quality during a video conference is noticeably lacking? Or worse, have you been informed by a client that it’s not quite up to the expected standard? If so, it could be a sign that your AV hardware isn’t able to keep pace with what’s being thrown at it. 

Doing nothing could be costly in the long run because your ability to communicate is hindered, internally and externally. Having high quality video conferencing equipment is essential in today’s workplaces but you also need a capable network infrastructure to use it effectively. Refreshing your AV setup ensures there is no wasted time or effort when it comes to collaborating online.

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3: Negative employee or customer feedback

Being on the receiving end of numerous unfavourable comments about your organisation’s AV system is a sure-fire way to know it needs attention. If your workforce is unable to complete their tasks as quickly as they’d like due to a poorly performing piece of equipment, then it’s probably time to refresh your AV setup because low efficiency equals low profitability.

As well as this, customer experiences can also be impacted. For example, those who are unable to access the required information due to a failing touchscreen display may end up leaving the store which will obviously directly impact sales. 

So, feedback on your AV solutions is essential and should be welcomed, as it could help you remove a barrier to the success of your business.

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4: Your business has grown or is relocating yet the same AV technology is being used

If your business is relocating now could be the perfect opportunity to refresh your AV equipment. Relocating your audio visual hardware can be costly and time consuming and may not be suitable for your new workspace. 

Equally, if your business has grown then your AV technology needs to grow in accordance to make sure it meets the demands of the increased scale of operations.

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What are the benefits of an AV refresh?

Resfreshing your AV equipment can solve a number of pain points for those in your organisation. Below are the main areas in which an AV refresh can help your business achieve its goals.

1: Improve efficiency / productivity

AV technology which is faster, easier to use and has improved functionality will allow your business to operate more effectively which will help you to be more profitable. 

New hardware and software will increase productivity by streamlining processes, sometimes simply by requiring less items of equipment. 

Room booking displays allow meetings to be booked spontaneously on the device itself rather than opening your calendar app, not to mention avoiding room wastage. While Barco Clickshare allows presenters to share content wirelessly at the touch of a button so that decision making and problem solving happen more quickly and effectively.  

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2: Enhance communication and collaboration

Due to the high uptake of hybrid working, offices are being increasingly used as hubs of collaboration, as we discussed in our article on the future of video conferencing. The need for seamless interaction with remote workers is vital so businesses who embrace state of the art video conferencing technology will be at an advantage. 

Nowadays many video conferencing platforms feature enhanced collaboration tools, such as a digital canvas which attendees can edit in real time. So, no matter where your employees are based, collaboration can happen effectively. 

The ability to blur the line between onsite and remote attendees is an essential component of today’s successful organisations, which an AV refresh strategy will help to address. 

3: Better employee / customer experience

Your employees and customers will be more satisfied and spend less time getting systems to function usefully if the AV installation has been designed with their needs in mind. 

A well designed AV system can contribute to employee wellbeing in a number of ways. For example, a meeting room which has been acoustically treated to reduce reverberation makes for a more pleasurable experience, which in turn improves productivity.

Retail experiences can be enhanced by incorporating AV solutions such as interactive touch screens so customers can access information quickly and easily instore. Innovative audio visual technologies in retail, such as the use of VR to explore a holiday location for example, provide a means to entice customers back onto the high street by offering a unique experience compared with shopping online. 

An AV refresh is therefore a chance to take a step back and ponder some untapped opportunities to engage customers.

AV refresh as part of ongoing maintenance

So, your AV systems have been refreshed, what should you do next? A sensible next step is making sure you have a maintenance plan in place which includes a cycle of when your AV systems are next evaluated. Whether that’s every 1, 2 or 5 years will depend on a number of factors including usage and the type of organisation and hardware installed.

Even if no AV systems are added or updated at the next refresh cycle, maintenance may still be required to ensure the smooth and correct running of your valuable AV equipment.

If the whole AV refresh process seems daunting, it’s understandable because the AV technology available today is vast and no two organisations are the same, meaning a tailor made solution is always required.

Digital Vision AV have nearly 20 years experience helping organisations across numerous sectors design and integrate the latest audio visual technology into their workplace, increasing employee effectiveness and enhancing their customer offering. 

We can also assist with AV servicing and maintenance plans which ensures your equipment is performing to its fullest, to give you peace of mind between each AV refresh is carried out.

Is it time for your company to carry out an AV refresh? If so, Digital Vision AV are here to help, so contact us or simply call us on 01442 620078, we’re always up for a friendly chat!

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