Interactive Touch Screens

The ultimate collaboration tool for many environments including education, corporate and retail

Interactive touch screen being used for visual collaboration in lecture

Evolution of touch screens

With their wide ranging benefits and applications, it’s no wonder that interactive touch screens have found their way from the home to the classroom, office and beyond.

This probably won’t come as a surprise as the functionality is a natural progression from computers, tablets and mobile phones. Therefore most sectors will find them a useful tool to enhance productivity and collaboration.

Interactive applications


Traditional learning techniques are evolving and interactive touch screens have become a key tool in today's educational spaces. They drive engagement because learning and teaching are more compelling, inspirational and fun, when new interactive whiteboard technologies are embraced.


In a business setting they can be used as a shared digital canvas where people can engage and collaborate on ideas. Furthermore, they can be integrated with video conferencing technology, so multiple remote attendees, as well as those in the office can work on the same document. The result is a powerful collaboration tool.


Retail environments can use them to grab customers’ attention, then allow them to interact with products and services. This kind of experiential shopping is going to be crucial in attracting customers to the high street, away from making online purchases.

Future proof

Simple software updates can ensure interactive touch screens remain at the forefront of audio visual technology and innovation

Wireless connectivity

Teachers can share lessons from a laptop, or a presenter can connect without the mess and fuss of cables.


The interactive board can be housed in a protective casing, allowing it to be positioned in areas you might not have thought possible, such as a sports hall, or even outside.

Touch screen installation

Digital Vision AV has a wealth of experience supplying and installing interactive touch screens in many sectors including education, corporate and retail. Nothing fazes us and we’ll always find a solution for you and your organisation.

We’ll carry out a free site survey and recommend the ideal interactive display setup for your environment. Our advice is honest and impartial and we partner with the leading manufacturers so you get the most out of your investment.

Interactive touch screen with pupil editing music annotation

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