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Industries that benefit from Digital Signage

Whether you are looking to strengthen your marketing or advertising strategy, increase brand awareness or improve the customer experience, digital signage provides plenty of inspiration. According to recent research, 63% of consumers state that digital signage captures their attention, making it a powerful tool whatever your objective.

At Digital Vision AV, we work with clients serving multiple industry sectors to ensure signage solutions that suit their unique requirements. The benefits associated with digital signage are being enjoyed by countless businesses, but there are four industries in particular that are really making the most of this specialised technology.


The business world is pretty expansive but throughout commercial environments, digital signage has become an excellent way to cater to the needs of staff and customers alike.
For staff, the digital signage solutions on offer have streamlined operations for the better, with meeting rooms and waiting areas in particular benefitting from the use of interactive displays. On the customer side, internal signage solutions provide an adaptable way to provide wayfinding, welcome screens, company information and check-in facilities. The ease of content creation and editing also ensures multiple campaigns can be managed in real time via outdoor displays, which can be conveniently placed in prime locations to drive traffic to your store or simply raise brand awareness.


The retail environment has benefitted greatly from the use of digital signage. From the shop front to the point of sale, digital content has a huge impact as the findings of a recent study revealed. Some 84% of retailers based in the UK believe that the use of digital signage has raised significant awareness for their brand. Many surveyed also referred to signage as being the ‘face’ of their store and a direct route to delivering targeted brand messages.

More than 60% of all buying decisions are made at the point of sale, therefore the placement of a digital display at this point in particular can have a major impact on buying habits. Shelf edge screens, kiosk touchscreens and window frontage displays are other digital signage solutions favoured by retailers.


The use of technology in classrooms is growing rapidly, however digital signage screens have a place in other areas of the average educational facility.

Digital signage is becoming a popular fixture in reception areas, staff rooms, common rooms and canteens. The vibrant displays and easy to adapt content make it easy to display school news, welcome information, wayfinding details, menus, room changes, after-school clubs, events, and even examples of pupils’ work. As digital signage can be used to display a long list of content types, videos and photos of school productions and events have also found their way onto displays.


The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing sectors for signage use. Displays are now being used in public and private sector healthcare environments to improve patient communication, make wayfinding easier, display information such as wait times in real time, and communicate with patients in different languages.

Whatever your industry sector, digital signage is bridging the communication gap to deliver excellent advantages for organisations of all sizes. Let us talk you through the latest digital signage solutions by contacting our team today

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