How a Central AV Room Can Transform Your Organisation

What is an AV Control Room?

An AV Control Room is a physical centralised hub for monitoring and managing audio-visual and IT systems across an organisation.

This dedicated space within your office is the nerve centre for receiving and monitoring huge amounts of data allowing for efficient responses to emerging situations. As well as this, control rooms can centrally manage tasks like scheduling conference rooms, displaying building information on screens, and even remotely controlling lighting and temperature across an entire site.

AV control rooms play a vital role in the functioning of organisations where there are large amounts of AV technology being used in numerous spaces, potentially serving different purposes. They provide organisations with the ability to keep multiple AV and IT systems in check, as well as providing useful real-time data which can be used to enhance decision making.

Unlike an AV control system, which manages audio visual devices within a single room, an AV control room, is a designated area with equipment and personnel to oversee daily AV operations throughout an entire building or workspace.


Which technologies are used in an AV Control Room?

There are several AV technologies that are common in control room environments. The equipment used could vary depending on the needs of the organisation but the overall objective is the same – to provide up-to-date information in a clear and visible way to improve operational efficiency and to simplify the management of AV systems.

Video wall

Video walls are probably the most noticeable element of a control room, where a grid of digital screens becomes a dynamic information hub, displaying either a single, large-scale image or a mosaic of individual feeds showing various information.

Large format displays

High-resolution large format displays are used for presenting detailed information, monitoring dashboards, or displaying presentations clearly so they are visible from various points within the control room.

Digital signage

By choosing the right digital signage solution the control room can make use of strategically placed digital screens for internal communication, showcasing multimedia content, such as videos, images, text and audio, which may be supplementary to data feeds on the main display.

Wireless presentation

Wireless presentation systems enable information to be shared wirelessly from laptops or mobile devices onto control room displays, streamlining communication and enhancing collaboration.

Audio Systems

High-quality audio systems including speakers, microphones and correctly placed acoustic panels ensure clear communication within the control room and potentially with remote locations, for example during conferences or critical events.

AV Control Systems

An audio visual control system acts as the brain of the control room, allowing operators to manage all connected equipment, switch between sources, control volume and automate specific functions for a streamlined workflow.

Video Conferencing

Installing innovative video conferencing systems within a control room such as MS Teams Front Row or Zoom can enhance communication with decision makers around the building. Features such as document sharing and digital canvasses allow for visual representation of information, enhancing collaboration.

AV over IP

AV over IP streamlines AV management in control rooms, fostering a more efficient, adaptable and future proof environment for operators.

Other control room considerations

In addition to AV equipment, an effective Control Room prioritises both functionality and user well-being. This means designing a space considering ergonomics with proper lighting, temperature control and comfortable seating for operators.

Furthermore, robust security measures, including restricted access and physical safeguards, are essential to protect sensitive systems and data. Finally, a well-designed control room boasts scalability, allowing for the seamless integration and installation of new technologies as your organisation’s needs evolve.

av-control-system-in-office-conference room

Which sectors can benefit from an AV control room?

An AV Control Room offers significant advantages across a range of industries, because no matter which sector an organisation operates in, having a centralised hub for managing audio-visual technology can be a game-changer. 

However, organisations in diverse industries will have different objectives so here are some sector-specific examples of how AV control rooms can be beneficial: 


Within the educational environment an AV control room allows classroom technology to be centralised. For example presentations become more impactful with centralised control over lighting, audio and visuals, fostering a more engaging learning environment for students. 

Additionally, the ability to control digital signage for announcements and wayfinding streamlines information dissemination.


Streamlining communication and collaboration are key benefits for corporations utilising a control room. Real-time data can be seamlessly displayed on video walls, promoting informed decision-making based on readily available information.

Moreover, a well-equipped control room provides an extra layer of data and personal protection as security feeds can be displayed simultaneously across multiple screens allowing various locations to be monitored.



In the time-sensitive healthcare environment, control rooms empower medical professionals with centralised monitoring capabilities. Staff can monitor patient areas, operating rooms and labs from a central hub, facilitating real-time communication with remote specialists and staff. This ensures that everyone involved has access to critical information for informed treatment decisions.

Furthermore control rooms can keep track of real time data, for example bed numbers, machine maintenance and communication system functionality.


AV Control Rooms can enhance customer experience by creating welcoming as well as immersive experiences throughout your venue whether it be a restaurant, museum or hotel. By centralising control over audio-visual elements throughout the venue, staff can create a smooth and enjoyable experience for guests, leaving a strong impression of the brand.

Control rooms also give hospitality providers the ability to manage communication effectively from one centralised hub. Menus, promotions, and wayfinding information can be displayed on digital signage screens, clearly and captivatingly, enhancing the guest experience. 


Retailers can leverage AV control rooms to create dynamic digital signage that captivates customers and drives sales, as well as facilitate real-time monitoring of store performance metrics.  

Consolidating large amounts of data allows managers to make data-driven decisions for optimised operational efficiency. These solutions allow for the creation of engaging displays showcasing promotions and detailed product information. Security is also enhanced by enabling the management of camera feeds from a central location, providing staff with a comprehensive view of the store.


How to decide if it’s time for your business to invest in an AV Control Room?

To determine if an AV Control Room is the right fit for your business, a comprehensive evaluation is crucial. Your assessment should begin with a thorough examination of your current AV setup. Consider factors like:

  • Complexity – do you have multiple spaces which use AV technology?
  • Control – do you need to continually monitor various data sources?
  • Clarity – do you need to be able to link real-time data sources to enable quick, data driven decisions?

Finally, consider your organisation’s future plans. If you anticipate growth, assess your AV setup’s ability to accommodate additional displays, conference rooms and future technologies. An AV control room, designed with scalability in mind, can seamlessly adapt to your evolving needs and integrate with new technologies as they emerge.


In Conclusion

AV Control Rooms offer a compelling solution for organisations struggling with the complexities of managing multiple AV systems and making sense of large amounts of data from numerous sources. By transforming the chaos of independent data sources, multiple conference rooms and digital signage into a centrally controlled hub, control rooms unlock a range of operational improvements. 

These benefits include streamlined management, improved communication through clear data visualisation and information dissemination, plus enhanced security measures. 

Ultimately, AV control rooms empower organisations to operate more efficiently, fostering a professional and collaborative environment for staff, guests, patients, or students, depending on the specific application. 

By centralising control and leveraging cutting-edge technology, control rooms offer a strategic investment for organisations seeking to optimise their operations and elevate the user experience.

Here at Digital Vision AV, we believe in the right AV control room installation for your organisation, taking the unique needs of each business into consideration. If you need help or have questions around the implementation of an AV control room, contact us today.

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