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Office digital signage

Signage to streamline workflows

Digital signage has the ability to transform your workplace both visually and practically, by incorporating LCD screens which streamline processes and improve engagement. 

Digital displays positioned in common spaces can broadcast achievements and targets in a far more engaging way than notice boards or company emails, which can easily be ignored. Tasks which were previously carried out manually, especially those which required paper, can be replaced with more effective digital workflows. 

digital signage in education setting

Signage for your workplace

Benefits of office digital signage

With digital signage your internal communications will be more engaging as well as quicker and more cost effective to deploy than traditional methods. Freestanding or wall-mounted digital screens in office areas can deliver corporate messages, display current performance against KPIs or other customised metrics, which help to keep your teams informed. 

Not only this, training tools and sessions can be deployed to the entire company simultaneously, whether staff are remote or office-based which helps remote staff members to feel connected.


Live and relevant information is used on the screens, improving communication and enhancing the environment


Digital signage allows you to respond to changing events and empowers teams with the knowledge they need to bring about positive change


With corporate offices generally being large and unfamiliar to visitors and clients, a good wayfinding system is important


Show messages in any language so that visitors and staff in all locations can receive the same level and quality of communication

Reception digital signage

Making an impact with visitors

Offices can use digital signage in a variety of locations which will boost productivity as well as make an impact to visitors. 

Video walls in a reception area can provide visitors with information and display company branding in an impressive way. Combined with visitor sign in systems, experiences of visitors can be greatly improved and reception staff productivity increased. 


Meeting room signage

Improving the usability of your spaces

Room booking systems placed outside of boardrooms and conference rooms provide information about meetings in progress, helping to avoid interruptions as well as reducing wastage of valuable meeting spaces. 

We install a range of room scheduling solutions which can be customised with your company branding and integrated with calendar apps.

Top digital signage brands

Flexible digital signage for offices

At Digital Vision AV we install a range of leading digital signage solutions and only work with the best brands which allow a variety of content to be easily updated via a browser-based, user friendly platform. Create content using video, text, images, news feeds, company stats, live TV or local weather and trigger at a custom time and location, even via mobile. 

Video wall installation at an education campus

Digital signage for offices

Signage solutions which are easy to deploy

Digital Vision AV are expert commercial AV installers with decades of experience helping businesses implement robust and flexible digital signage solutions, as well as providing ongoing support.  

We can integrate with your existing displays and install outside of work hours to reduce disruption. So, contact us today on 01442 620078 or email us at to discuss your digital signage solution.

Digital signage case studies


Old Town Hall

This popular venue sought to move away from printed media so content could be updated at the touch of a button, and look more professional.


Smart Energy GB

We setup digital signage systems in reception and common areas to improve staff engagement and team collaboration across all offices.

Recent client feedback from Smart Energy GB

One aspect of Digital Vision AV that really adds value is that they’re not tied to any one supplier. This means they can recommend the solution that’s genuinely best for the customer.

Peter Thorne, Head of Technology, Smart Energy GB

Our recent Digital Signage clients

Driving communications for leading brands

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