Video Wall Solutions To Maximise Engagement

Customised video wall imagery offers unrivalled engagement with your audience

Video walls

Video wall solutions consist of a grid of digital screens which combine to form either a large single image, or several individual images showing different information. It is therefore a powerful marketing and communication tool used by many industries.

Screens tiled in a 3×3 formation is one of the most widely used setups, offering what many see as the ideal balance between impact and cost. The layout of the screens will depend on factors such as the site, audience, and message being communicated.

The screens can be connected in a variety of ways such as daisy-chaining, a video wall controller, or PC. But we always advise the best solution for you based on usage and existing equipment.

retail av video wall showing 2 large video walls of clothing brand models

Why choose Digital Vision AV?

It is important to use an expert when considering your video wall solution. For it to work effectively the right equipment needs to be chosen which depends on your environment. We carry out a free site survey and provide a range of recommended solutions based on your budget. We then supply and install the latest in video wall technology and provide on-site training to ensure you get the most out of your investment. We even offer servicing and maintenance packages for complete peace of mind. 

We draw on 30 years of technical experience to deliver the ultimate video wall solutions for our clients. Get in touch today to find out how Digital Vision AV can take your communication to another level.

Video wall installation at an education campus

Video wall applications

Applications are far and wide, ranging from eye-catching messaging in retail environments to providing an engaging way of dissecting complex business information.

Highlight important notices to students, capture the attention of passers by on the high street, or provide an accessible way to digest large amounts of menu information in a bar or restaurant. The result is increased customer satisfaction and engagement, as well as less time spent by staff passing on information, which improves productivity.   

Organisations of all sizes and sectors can benefit from the installation of a video wall including retail, corporate, education, healthcare and hospitality.


Video wall benefits

Powerful communication tool for internal teams or external audiences

Flexible options to suit a range of budgets

Possible to be used at indoor and outdoor sites

Can benefit organisations of all sizes

Quick and easy to update content

LCD or LED wall?

Both LCD and LED video wall solutions have their advantages and it isn’t easy to pick one type over another. It will depend on how the system is going to be used and the budget available. The main difference is how the screen is backlit: LCD uses fluorescent lamps while LED, as the name suggests, uses light emitting diodes, which have a lower energy consumption.

There are other differences to bear in mind though, such as that LED screens can create a seamless picture as they can be built without bezels, and the picture quality tends to be better. LCD screens, on the other hand, are generally cheaper. 

If it all seems too much, don’t worry because we’ll provide practical advice and help you choose the right equipment. So you can sit back and start planning the fantastic content which is going to be displayed on this superb communication device.

It’s no exaggeration to say video conferencing and other technology solutions have enabled us to keep the business going and functioning effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Peter Thorne, Head of Technology, Smart Energy GB

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    "It’s no exaggeration to say video conferencing and other technology solutions have enabled us to keep the business going and functioning effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic."
    Peter Thorne, Head of Technology, Smart Energy GB