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Why does a school need a sound system?

School audio installation

Improved experiences for pupils and staff

School sound systems are powerful tools, enhancing communication, improving learning and adding enjoyment to classes and events.

At Digital Vision AV, we have decades of experience installing sound systems in educational settings, tailored to meet their specific needs and requirements, and integrating them with the existing infrastructure. So, whether you need a sound system for a primary or secondary school, college or university, we can help.


What makes a good school sound system?


Sound systems in education

Where are sound systems used in schools?

School sound systems are used in a variety of ways, highlighting the need for a solution which is versatile and flexible. Intelligibility of speech is paramount, from playing a video as part of a lesson, or taking a lecture or assembly in a large theatre or school hall. 

As well as this, school plays and performances are significantly more engaging when a high quality sound system is installed. But in addition to learning, background music is often used to create a welcoming environment, enhancing wellbeing for teachers and students alike. 

Sound system equipment

Which equipment does a school need?

A typical installation consists of an amplifier, mixing desk, speakers and microphones plus a sound source, such as laptops, tablets or CD player.

A centrally located amp can distribute sound to a range of speakers located across the site, or to specific areas (zones). Ceiling-mounted speakers are suited to classrooms due to their discreet nature, while wall mounted speakers are often necessary for larger spaces because of their increased power and greater frequency response.

We can supply a range of microphones depending on your requirements, from table top mics placed on a reception desk to performance radio mics. Used with either a digital or analogue mixing desk you are able to connect and play multiple sound sources throughout your site.


School sound system design

Working with a specialist audio installer helps to ensure your system is designed effectively, taking into consideration room acoustics. As part of our installation we are able to assess the spaces to ensure reverberation is controlled using strategically placed acoustic panels.

As well as offering on-site training of the installed sound system, we offer ongoing servicing and maintenance plansPlus we provide a free site survey, so contact us today to learn about the fantastic possibilities which will enhance the experiences of those attending your school.

Sound system case studies


School Audio Solution

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a classroom as well as an area to hold video conference calls


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