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What is retail AV?

It’s an effective way to drive footfall into your store because digital signage attracts customers. Furthermore, retail AV can increase brand awareness and promote marketing campaigns which help businesses stand out from their competitors.

A survey by WBR reported that 94% of retailers who have 300 stores or more use, or have used, digital signage to augment, change, or improve customers’ in-store experiences. A trend which is sure to continue into retailers with a smaller number of stores as time goes on.

Retail AV comes in many forms, such as:

  • Digital Signage
  • Interactive Displays
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Video Walls

Retail AV installation

Digital Vision AV are experts in retail digital signage installations and are able to make detailed recommendations on the ideal system for your environment. 

We carry out a free site survey and take many factors into account, including the type of display, positioning, lighting, content type, and how content will be uploaded.

New uses are constantly being created. From information points in a shopping mall, to an interactive, touch screen display in a clothing store, so the applications are limited only by imagination.

Interactive digital signage can create an immersive experience, incorporating selfie cameras to put the customer in a different holiday setting, or showing them an alternative appearance based on fashion or makeup products. 

As well as customer facing uses, it can also be utilised as a medium for in-store personnel training. 

Retail AV incorporating multiple large format displays. Digital Signage can replace POS to attract and engage customers.

Retail audio visual advantages

retail av video wall showing 2 large video walls of clothing brand models

Promotions and campaigns can be quickly uploaded to digital screens in-store. This allows retailers to be far more reactive than using physical POS, which takes time to manufacture and deliver. 

Costly reprints of printed marketing materials are avoided because changes to brand design or promotional messaging are quickly rolled out digitally.

A static, printed poster is limited to a single page but customers can scroll through a number of pages on a digital interactive display.

Productivity is increased by displaying detailed product, inventory, or store information, or even allowing orders to be placed. The result is that staff are freed up to manage other tasks.

Experiential AV In Retail

The role of the high street is changing so the need for a digital presence within retail environments is paramount. Physical stores are seeking new ways to compete with those online. Customers want in-person and online shopping experiences to be consistent with one another. Bringing your retail space into the digital age is the starting point of this process. 

Customers are looking for their shopping trips to be more experiential, and offer them something unique compared to online. Doing so can change the way your brand is perceived and provide a more useful and memorable shopping experience. The result is a higher customer retention rate.

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As life becomes increasingly digital, as does the ubiquity of smartphones, tablets, laptops, AI (artificial intelligence), VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality). Customers now expect to see, and even interact with, information digitally. 

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