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Soundproofing your office meeting rooms boosts employee wellbeing and productivity not just by reducing noise but by creating a stunning design feature. Digital Vision AV are experienced in testing spaces acoustically as well as supplying and installing acoustic treatment products including wall or ceiling mounted panels and even wallpaper. 

Acoustic treatments make your video conference conversations more intelligible, while also creating a space which is as inspirational as it is functional. Avoid echo, reverb and noise with office soundproofing today.


Benefits of office soundproofing


Meeting room acoustic tiles

We install a range of flexible meeting room acoustic panel solutions to suit your space and budget. So, whether you need designer wall panels which add texture and movement, or environmentally-friendly ceiling clouds manufactured from PET which can be cut to size, we can help.

Choose from full colour wall panels or a range of geometrically shaped modular acoustic tiles which provide pattern versatility and installation flexibility, providing endless design possibilities. No matter which design you opt for, unwanted high and low frequencies will be removed.

Office acoustic solutions

From corporate offices to healthcare and education settings, the acoustic panels we install will help transform the look and productivity of your workspace. The innovative brands we work with include Primacoustic and Acoufelt, giving us the flexibility to supply and install acoustic panels covering a range of budgets which are both functional and fashionable. 

If you think your space needs noise, echo and reverb to be reduced so that your conversations are more intelligible, contact us today to discuss the creative yet practical options available for your meeting space. 


Office sound assessment

Digital Vision AV will carry out an assessment of the space and suggest the ideal products to reduce reverberation to the recommended levels, resulting in a well balanced room. The data we collect informs us exactly where to place acoustic panels.

We understand the importance of a stress-free meeting whether it’s in-person or hybrid, which is why we offer acoustic treatment as part of our video conference solutionsThe result will be a revamped workspace which will encourage engagement and creativity. 

To find out more read our case study where we solved a school’s AV challengeGet in touch today to find out how Digital Vision AV can help control noise and echo in your office meeting space.


Why does your office need soundproofing?

There are a number of factors which create echo and reverberation and each space has unique requirements. Offices and meeting rooms often suffer from sounds bouncing back and forth off hard walls. This can be improved using acoustic panels but additional products may be required such as acoustic corner pillars and absorptive lighting.

If you need more flexible conference room solutions, use free-standing modules and simply draw a curtain to shield the space visually and acoustically. These are essentially a room within a room. For true office soundproofing you can opt for acoustic pods or booths to help with privacy and sound, which we can also supply and install. 

office soundproofing example showing acoustic panels in meeting room
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