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A meeting room display system could solve countless problems. An efficient electronic system will consign double bookings to history as well as provide a valuable insight into your workplace culture. 

On average we spend over 4 hours a week in meetings at work. That’s a lot of time and when you consider a third of that is wasted on interruptions from double bookings, trying to find the right room, or technology issues. This shows that it can have a direct impact on productivity.

A meeting room display system enables effective time management of meeting rooms, incorporating a digital screen outside of each room to allow you and your employees to see the status of each meeting. So meetings won’t be interrupted by those outside wondering when the meeting is ending, or who’s present. 

Easy-to-use, meeting room display systems work with all the main scheduling apps, such as Outlook and iCal, and give you the precision to book meeting rooms for periods as small as 15 minutes at the same time as inviting attendees. They can even automatically email reminders on the day!

Benefits of a meeting room display system

If the meeting room doesn’t have glass walls or a window to see inside, an interruption is almost unavoidable as the next users will need to open the door to check the status of the meeting. 

With a meeting room display system you could instantly see the following information on a digital screen from outside the room, without having any disruptions:

  • Organiser 
  • Start and end time 
  • Subject 
  • Attendees 
  • Catering requirements 
  • Resources required 
av installation in london comprising a video conference room setup

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AV installation of London office meeting room

But there are more benefits than avoiding lost time and reducing stress. 

A meeting room display system includes interactive reports showing which rooms or days are most popular, which departments make the most bookings, number of participants, and more. This can provide a valuable insight into your company culture, highlighting opportunities for further workplace improvements. 

We can configure your chosen system to suit your business and get you up and running quickly and effortlessly. 

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