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Gym Sound Systems

Using music to drive customer engagement

Digital Vision AV is an experienced commercial audio installer designing and supplying gym sound systems which drive engagement and enhance customer experiences. 

A high quality music system is a fantastic way for a gym or leisure centre to create atmosphere around the building as well as accompany a fitness class with uplifting, motivational sounds. We help choose the right sound system for your environment, just contact us to discuss the options.


Choosing your system

The right audio equipment for your gym

The type and specification of your gym sound system will depend on several factors including the size and number of rooms, the way your spaces are used by your customers and staff, as well as your budget.

For smaller gyms ceiling mounted speakers have the advantage of being discreet and kept out of the way. However, a larger room would benefit from powerful wall mounted speakers which have greater coverage and a better bass response.

Multi-room Zoned Systems

The right audio equipment for your gym

A multi-room zoned system is perfect for larger gyms or leisure centres who require the flexibility of having different music in each area. Whereas a 100v system with multiple speakers connected to it may be the perfect audio solution for a gym with a smaller footprint.

With zoned gym sound systems, music can be played in specific rooms, as well as allowing the connection of multiple audio sources. Plus, PA announcements can be made to each area individually or simultaneously, providing total flexibility for your gym sound requirements. 

The system may include speakers placed strategically throughout the space, multiple amplifiers, and microphones at the reception desk.

Many of the fantastic gym sound systems we install feature MP3 playback, Bluetooth connectivity and DAB radio, providing flexibility for your staff and trainers to deliver the best possible customer experience.


Improved User Experience

PA systems which enhance your service

Gyms have seen a rise in popularity in recent years as a focus on healthy eating has led many to incorporate fitness sessions into their lifestyle. Although many attend classes in person, some participate online which is why video conferencing technology is also important for gyms.

Whatever the audio requirements are for your gym, we take pride in making sure we only recommend the right solution for you. We design and install your ideal sound system based on the environment which is why we believe carrying out a free site survey is essential. Just get in touch with us today to find out the ideal solution for your fitness centre.

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