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For your company to be noticed in a fiercely competitive corporate world, modern audio visual equipment needs to be embraced. 

As well as cutting edge computers, software and machinery, it’s important to adopt high quality AV technology. Not only to impress visitors and prospective clients, but to inspire your own teams and boost productivity.

Digital Vision AV are leading installers of audio visual equipment to the corporate sector, specialising in the design, supply and installation of state of the art AV systems. Our tailor made corporate AV solutions will allow your organisation to stay at the top of its game. 

Corporate audio visual equipment to boost performance

AV systems are a key element of efficient corporate environments such as meeting rooms, huddle spaces and conference rooms which use AV innovations to improve performance and user experiences. 

Collaboration is one of the many benefits of video conferencing to businesses because of the ease at which teams can communicate across sites nationwide, and globally. Productivity improves because the speed of problem solving is increased, which also aids creativity. 

Our business audio visual solutions have a range of applications to suit  corporate needs so contact us to see how we can improve your company.


AV solutions to enhance corporate collaboration


As many have adopted a hybrid approach to home and office working, video conferences have been greatly assisted in recent years with the use of wireless presentation systems which put the focus back on presenting, and away from plugging in and setting up hardware.

Conference room scheduling displays have also revolutionised company meetings by ensuring rooms are never double booked, reducing interruptions, and providing valuable insights on usage. So, to make sure you stay ahead of the competition, it’s worth investing in the right equipment for your business.

As well as this, employee engagement and reception areas can be enhanced with innovative AV solutions like office digital signage.

Corporate AV applications

Simplify BYOD with Barco ClickShare & Yealink. Reduce touchpoints for safe meetings and avoid the headaches of plugging and unplugging different laptops between presentations. 

Manage your peripherals  centrally with a single touch, from what’s on screen, to air conditioning and lights, using an AV control system.

Many corporate clients are now investing in office soundproofing to reduce noise and improve collaboration. When combined with a well designed commercial audio system, these factors can have a massive impact on company productivity and make, not break, a presentation.

Corporate AV presentation with wireless mic and screen

End to end business audio visual solutions

Digital Vision AV are experts in corporate audio visual system design and integration. From helping you choose the perfect setup for your environment, to installing the system, offering training and ongoing servicing and maintenance. 

We love a challenge so why not put us to the test? No matter what equipment and systems you have installed currently, we will find a way to integrate the old with the new. Our reliable and flexible, tailor made AV solutions will help your business to climb the corporate ladder so contact us or simply call on 01442 620078 to find out more.

Support collaborative working

Bring teams together, wherever they are

Manage your spaces more effectively

Put an end to poor quality office acoustics

Increase engagement, transform learning experiences, or make a promotion stand out

Manage your messaging and make an impact

Your presenters need to be seen and heard

Complete control of your assets

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