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Digital Vision AV are commercial audio installation experts with over 30 years of technical experience. 

Inaudible or poor quality audio is incredibly frustrating for audiences but by choosing us you can avoid this situation and maximise the impact of your event.

The hours your presenters put into preparing for a talk will be for nothing if your audience struggles to hear important messages. In fact, we’ll stick our necks out and say we believe audio is one of the most important components of AV when it comes to an event’s success. 

commercial audio installation showing presenter with lapel microphone
Presentation using commercial audio installation of lapel mic and speaker

Commercial audio systems

There’s a bewildering array of audio options open to you today. Should you opt for wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted speakers? Can they be concealed without affecting the quality? And which type of microphone is right for your needs – headset, wireless handheld or lapel? 

Even after taking the microphone and speakers into account, you still need to consider the echo in the room. If your space hasn’t been acoustically treated it could mean your voice won’t be heard clearly. 

Our systems are tailored to your site to provide you with the ideal solution. We can provide specialist help with many commercial audio installations from a video conference to larger event presentations. 

Finding the right audio solution

We’ll guide you through the technology maze, advise on compatibility with your existing systems and recommend a solution that will give you the best possible sound quality for your meeting room or venue. 

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