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Custom AV solutions

A church or place of worship often has unique AV requirements. The size, shape and age of the buildings mean a bespoke solution is always required. Many challenges have to be met for the system to work for both those providing the service, and the attendees, such as:

  • Audio (which microphones and speakers are most suitable?)
  • Projection (what are the distances involved?)
  • Displays (is digital signage required as well as a projected image?)
  • Mounting (where will screens be mounted to?)
  • Lighting (how will the screens be affected?)
  • Network (what bandwidth is required for web streaming / video conferencing?)
  • Acoustic treatment (does echo need to be reduced?)

Digital Vision AV are experienced in meeting these challenges. No two projects are the same and we will carry out a free site survey and provide a bespoke solution. We’ll be guided by your requirements and will take into account the way you provide your service and how your spaces are used. 

From a visual standpoint we’ll look at how and where we can mount screens, and which type of display is most suitable. If a projector is the ideal option, we’ll suggest which type will be required based on the lighting and distances involved. If web streaming, we’ll tell you the best equipment to use and whether your network requires upgrading. 

In terms of audio, we’ll discuss the right microphone for you, from wireless handheld, to headset or lapel. Which speakers work best, either wall or ceiling mounted, and whether they can be concealed while remaining effective. We’ll even take into account the naturally reverberant qualities of churches, and whether acoustic treatment should be considered. 

Whatever the requirements are, we’ll go the extra mile to ensure your goals are achieved.

Church AV applications

In recent years audio visual technology in churches has come on leaps and bounds and many use modern equipment to facilitate their services.
Not only this, churches are often used for additional functions, such as community events, concerts, creche, coffee mornings and children’s clubs, to name but a few. 

Their multifunctional use means a flexible, reliable, and easy to use AV system is a key element in ensuring the events continue to run smoothly.

The predominant use of a church audio visual system is to deliver messages and hymn words to the congregation. Streaming a service via the internet has become more popular due to social distancing challenges, which requires an up to date video conferencing set up.

Church AV or place of worship AV using projection, digital screens, audio and lighting

Installing an AV system in a place of worship

Church AV or place of worship AV using projection, audio and lighting

When installing a church AV system we will do so with minimal visual impact. We understand the importance of the aesthetics of a place of worship. 

We’ll do our utmost to ensure equipment and cables are concealed as much as possible.

Our installation will be unobtrusive and will work within the existing framework of the building. We’ll carry out the installation at a time which suits you, so as not to disturb the many functions which are happening.

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