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Struggling to be heard on a video call in the office?

‘Can you hear me?’ This is one of the most common lines uttered during a conference call these days. And it’s no joke if your team is struggling with severe echo in the meeting rooms at work. 

With the role of the workplace changing and a hybrid approach to home and office becoming the norm, the need for good office acoustics has become increasingly pertinent. The emphasis on a meeting room with good soundproofing or acoustics is greater than ever. If your team is complaining about bad acoustics or echo when video conferencing, acoustic treatment is the solution. 

Improving the acoustics will allow those joining online to hear everything more clearly and prevent progress being hindered by echo and reverberation. Naturally this will lead to a more pleasurable space to hold a meeting, even if it isn’t a video conference. 

The right acoustic treatment for your office

There are a number of factors which create echo and reverberation and each space has unique requirements. Video conference rooms often suffer from sounds bouncing back and forth off hard walls. This can be improved using acoustic panels but additional products may be required such as acoustic corner pillars and absorptive lighting. If you need a more flexible conference room, use a modular metal frame and simply draw the curtain to shield the space visually and acoustically. The options are almost endless and offer stunning design features while simultaneously boosting employee wellbeing and productivity. 

Digital Vision AV will carry out an assessment of the space and suggest the ideal products to reduce reverberation to the recommended levels, resulting in a well balanced room. 

Most of the time your office doesn’t need total soundproofing, it just needs the right combination of office acoustic treatments. Your video conference meetings can then flow seamlessly, and at the same time you can create a space which is as inspirational as it is functional.

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