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Yealink create world class unified communications systems which have a range of cutting edge features so your team can collaborate effectively no matter where they are located. As a Yealink partner, Digital Vision have the knowledge required to ensure you get the most from the Yealink products which we supply and install. So, if you need an easy to use, cost effective, yet feature-rich video conferencing solution then look no further.

A stunning range of devices are available which help teams and individuals to communicate remotely, including video conferencing endpoints, wireless presentation pods, control panels, VOIP phones, webcams, and software. We can guide you through the equipment and, based on your requirements, make recommendations on what is most suitable for your business.

As remote working and hybrid meetings increase, the need for a high quality video conferencing solution becomes vital. Yealink has an array of choices for many sectors including corporate and education so no matter what your circumstances are, there is a perfect setup for you. So, whether you need a compact system for a huddle room, or a multi-camera setup for a large meeting room, we can provide the tools to make it happen.

Get in touch or call 01442 620078 to find out how Yealink video conferencing systems can help your business balance remote and in-office working.

Focus room, huddle room, conference room or boardroom

Whatever the size of your meeting room, there is a solution for you


Yealink UVC34

The powerful USB video bar features a wide-angle ultra HD 4K camera and 8 built in microphone arrays, meaning every participant is captured clearly. Its portable, all-in-one design makes it perfect for small meeting spaces such as focus rooms and huddle rooms.

Yealink UVC84-BYOD

The 360° array microphones each pick up voices within a 6m radius and work with the Yealink Soundbar for great audio clarity. Simply plug the Type-C cable into your laptop for a cost effective collaboration solution, ideal for medium to large meeting rooms.


Yealink MVC840

With features including camera with 4K sensor and 12x optical zoom, MCore mini-PC, MTouch II Panel and remote device management, this is the ultimate Microsoft Teams bundle for medium to large meeting rooms. Zoom bundles are also available.

What are the benefits of Yealink Video Conferencing?

Each Yealink video conference system supports Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, GoToMeeting, and more platforms meaning there should be no problems integrating it with your current way of working. It is a cost effective solution for SMEs requiring state of the art video conferencing technology which is both feature-rich and easy to use. 

For those on the go, the mobile app allows participants to join calls, share content and communicate as easily as those using a laptop. In fact, the collaboration options are second to none, allowing multiple attendees to annotate content at the same time using its electronic whiteboard containing a variety of handwriting options. This can significantly increase productivity as problems are solved faster and explanations can be demonstrated visually, reducing the chance of miscommunication.

Furthermore, if you find video calls are affected by background noise then Yealink has the answer. Smart noise proof technology intelligently eliminates unwanted sounds, such as mouse clicks and typing on keyboards. So, distractions and interruptions are reduced which will undoubtedly lead to more concise and effective collaboration.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us or simply call 01442 620078 and we’ll happily discuss the benefits that Yealink Video Conferencing can bring to your business.

Yealink video conference installation from Digital Vision AV

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