AV for Business. Is it Time for a meeting room makeover?

Meeting rooms and boardrooms sit at the centre of every business, big or small. Most are hives of activity and the location of some of the biggest business decisions you and your team are likely to make. As an established provider of digital media innovations, we receive a lot of enquiries from businesses wanting to update their boardrooms and meeting rooms with quality, easy to use solutions. From plug and play accessories and digital signage displays to the latest projection and wireless presentation equipment, there are countless AV and IT products that could make your meeting room or boardroom the productive, inspiring and engaging place that it should be.

In this article, we take you through the signs that say it’s time for a meeting room makeover so you can embrace the technology that will take your company to the very next level.

Team communications could be better

Communication is the key to all business activities, and technology can be a vital component in improving communication not just with your audience but with staff, shareholders and suppliers based outside of the office. Video conferencing technology has progressed extensively in recent years, with businesses able to save time and money when liaising with long distance business associates.

There is a lack of interactivity

Projection equipment is another area that has seen increased development. The whiteboard and marker system simply doesn’t cut it in today’s modern day meeting room with the features of long throw, short throw and ultra short throw projectors providing more than worthy replacements. AV system installation also means interactivity can increase during presentations, particularly in large meeting rooms and boardrooms. Whilst collaborative software allows colleagues to work together for maximum efficiency during sessions.

Employees are fighting over meeting room space

The logistics of meeting room use shouldn’t be overlooked. Meeting room booking technology is an excellent investment for businesses of all sizes and niches. Meeting rooms and boardrooms can be booked by staff members in real time, meaning there’s no more confusion, interruptions or double booking. Many of these booking system displays can be fixed to meeting room doors providing access for all departments, and complete management of rooms and resources.

Technology use within the company is disjointed

Thanks to the improved connectivity of the latest AV and IT innovations, your boardroom can become a control room for all your business technology. Share content wirelessly and encourage easy access tech with plug and play devices for a more intuitive experience for all. By investing in the right IT and AV infrastructure you can not only streamline processes within your boardroom but improve procedures across the entirety of your business.

Drive success through technology

A growing number of businesses are overhauling their meeting room and boardroom spaces for better productivity, and technology offers a great way to set the standard, increase engagement and optimise business processes.

At Digital Vision Audio Visual, we supply an extensive range of digital technology for businesses making meeting room makeovers easier than ever. Contact our team to discuss your requirements, or visit our store.

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